Reaction: Khaled Khaled Album

I am reacting to the new album called ‘Khaled Khaled‘ by DJ Khaled. I am also highlighting the great parts about the DJ, which we could learn from …and use in our lives.

One thing that you’ll never take away from DJ Khaled is his ability to connect people, and to connect with them. Making people come together is one of his greatest gifts. He’s the connector of the music industry. He gets along with everyone. He loves peace within the industry. In fact, he just doesn’t beef with anyone.

Well, we all know that in every workplace, we need to have a mediator. And DJ Khaled is the mediator. What we can learn from his character is that he is a man of the people. He is a being of service …not only to himself but to others as well. This is in a positive way. Why? you may ask. Because DJ Khaled still makes time for himself. He also makes time for his wife and children whom he has involved on some of his projects.

Be a player; don’t play yourself.

– Dj Khaled

The big lesson from a character such as DJ Khaled is that life can be positive if we focus on its positive aspects. Laugh often. Enjoy time with your friends and family. Also realise that you could gain a lot from interacting with others. Realise that you are not alone. Realise that you need other people to make it in this life.

Now, focusing on his latest release, an album titled Khaled Khaled. The production was not harmonious at all. But, he had big and respected artists in it. Which says something nice about the type of a colleague that he is. Will he have people talking? Of course, yes! Will he have people respecting his production abilities on this album? Probably not so much. Will his image suffer from this below-par album? Absolutely not. See, successful people consider mistakes as part of their success. They consider a mistake as an ingredient to the entire recipe.

The thing about failure is that we can recover from it. We can stand up and move forward. Yes! We may be required to reshape our vision every time we meet an obstacle. But the root of the vision stays the same. So, we need to accept that failure is necessary for self-growth. Failure is necessary for moving on to even higher and bigger places in life.

We can all learn from these best attributes that DJ Khaled have. Unfortunately, his work ethic is questionable right now …and if we narrow down our mind to only this particular album (note: narrowing down to a single fault is a dangerous thing to do — but some people think like this).

To close, what I would like to promote is that we must learn from his human interaction skills, not his mistakes.

//Image by Khaled//

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