Reaction: Black is King Album by Beyoncé

Beyoncé wrote a letter to Africa. I’m writing my own letter to the Africans who had negative things to say about Beyoncé’s project. I’m not writing this as just a fan. I’m writing this letter from a place of disappointment. Besides,  I’m also a human being whose heart bleeds when there’s injustice towards others.

Disclaimer: I wrote this message as a rant (for entertainment purposes only). Please read with ease.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, can we discuss the lukewarm reception of Beyoncés album, Black is King. We’re talking about a reception from you, beautiful Africans. The Africans to whom the letter was written. You did not show much appreciation for Black is King. And I’m upset about that.

Just imagine having the Queen of Music take some time off her busy schedule to write you a letter. Imagine her spending millions of dollars for you. Asking your African idols to write snippets of messages in the same letter. Trying to make you, an African, feel special and valued. Trying to please you. Trying to make you love yourself, your skin, your culture, and your beauty.

And the best that you could do was to give her an ungrateful and lukewarm response. The audacity! Some of you were even making fun of her project on Twitter when it aired. There was just so much negativity. Appalling!

Actually, you know what, Queen Beyoncé should have known that Africans don’t celebrate ‘locals’ so much. Africans don’t care much about the projects of other Africans. Or even about the projects that represent Africa. Africans love to worship the American lifestyle, and all that is American. Many Africans hate whom they are, and some won’t admit it.

Now, the moment that Queen Beyoncé stooped to their level, and came to learn about their culture. To celebrate that culture with them, she became a local… to Africans. Beyoncé, the Queen of Music, was now just another local. She was just another person dancing to African music. Mingling with Africans, wearing their clothes, and showcasing all their artistry.

Guess what happened next?

Yes, you guessed it right.

They treated her just the same way Africans treat other Africans. With less respect, less appreciation, and less value. The American glory, which Africans worship, disappeared with this project. Beyoncé was no longer representing what Africans wish to be. And the self-hatred emerged.

I bet Beyoncé laid on her bed thinking, “how do you convince someone that they’re important, beautiful, and kingly? When, in return, they mock you for saying those beautiful things about them.”

Seriously though, how do you convince an enslaved-mind that it is actually free …and kingly?


I again listened to this beautiful project from the Queen of Music. And I am asking you, Africans, how could you not appreciate such high quality of art …about yourself? Art that was made to promote your beauty, values, and culture?

In fact,

It’s funny how some Africans accused Beyonce, the Queen of Music, of appropriating the African culture. …Saying it was all about making herself richer.

How? How did she do that?

Did you, beautiful people, forget that she hired appropriately 200 African people for this project? Involving several African artists, to make YOU and YOUR culture known globally. To make YOUR languages known globally. To make YOUR beauty appreciated globally!

Beauties, Beyoncé has the biggest platform on earth. And she’s using it to bring recognition to the most ignored people on this planet. But, you couldn’t even say, ‘thank you’. You couldn’t support the very same project that adds value to your whole being.

Phew! I must digress now, and kindly ask for love, peace, and light.

Let’s learn to love ourselves. Because when we love ourselves, it becomes easier to accept the gifts that promote our heritage and culture. It becomes easier to love our hair, complexions, and bodies.

A huge thanks to the Queen of Music, Beyoncé, for all her love and dedication to glorifying Blackness.

This reaction is written to raise awareness about black self-hatred, to entertain (of course), and to celebrate Beyoncé.

Images are by Beyoncé / Parkwood.

Another disclaimer: some of the information is alleged …the writer was not physically present in these situations.

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