Introversion is not Mental Illness

We live in a world that labels everything and everyone. It makes the system much simpler. I mean, without names, we would all be just humans. Which could be great, but more complicated. But, there is also misidentification and mislabeling which lead to misunderstanding and mistreatment. That’s a topic for another day.

We have been labelled and categorised into introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. I am an ambivert (according to personality tests). Which is supposed to be great because it gives the view of both sides.
In my work, I enjoy defending the underdogs of our society; the underlooked, the rejected, and/or the misfits. And introverts happen to be taken as such. They are rejected daily by the society which is mostly influenced by the so-called extroverts. 

Ironically, introverts are the only ones who are able to be happy alone, without needing others to survive. They have strong individualistic traits and an in-built system that help them to depend on themselves. And without caring much about the validation of others. Introverts are not afraid to be ‘weird’ or ‘odd-looking’, to look different from the rest. They’re not afraid to do their own thing, in their own pace. They don’t succumb to peer/social pressure. Therefore, in my view, introverts are the strongest bunch of our society. 
But extroverts won’t admit it. 

Extroverts function well only in groups. Their mental longevity is depended on the acceptance and existence of others. Extroverts fear being alone. And that’s a huge personality disorder.

So, in my work, I also focus on celebrating introverts because no one wants to recognise their strengths. Or to admit that they’re the most powerful people in terms of confidence or self-esteem. In fact, extroverts mislabel introverts as crazy, weird, quirky, dorky, (all negative connotations).

I don’t know why or how it is weird to be mentally independent. Or to not succumb to peer pressure. 
Maybe I will get more revelation in my research one day. 

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