Pray for South Africa

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Oh! South Africa, I love you. And I’m sad to see you like this. We are seeing the same pattern. Both from the perpetrators and the victims. Unfortunately, It will continue to be like this, until either party breaks the cycle.

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1. Now, how does one break a cycle from an abusive relationship?

The judicial and the most effective way to break the cycle in a political relationship is through the Voting System. South Africa will be having its elections in 2024. All eyes will be on it. Those who are content with the current state will vote for the same or similar leaders. And those who want change — a new direction — will vote for different leaders. Only the latter will get different results.

Politicians are politicians. I say this to say that their careers are based on changing their stances, and depending on the environment in which they find themselves. It’s just how it is in politics. Their industry is extremely volatile. But, the sad part is that the regular people are ‘the product’ in such an industry.

2. How can we then assure the balance between the unpredictability aspect of the political industry and the protection of Human Rights?

Remembering that we shouldn’t treat people as if they were a commodity is the key to the protection of Human Rights. In fact, such an attitude has had many other countries be successful in leading their citizens. Mostly, in Canada and the countries in the EU. Anyways, the Laws of a country ought to ensure that the game of politics is controlled in a manner that it doesn’t do harm to the livelihood of humans.

3. So, what is the major problem in Africa?

The major problem in Africa (not just South Africa) is neither politics nor Apartheid. It is the deep hatred of a Black Person by another Black Person. For example: should have Blacks loved each other, and supported each other, no-one would break their trust and support for one another. No-one would be a ‘sellout‘. No-one would be turning against his brother. They would uplift and promote each another. They would protect their lineage, their heritage, and so on. In fact, those tribal fights wouldn’t even exist. The xenophobic attacks wouldn’t exist. But a Black Man hates HIMSELF.

Once you hate yourself, you become a prey to manipulation and control. Because you have no self-esteem, no ego to protect. You do as you’re told so that you’re accepted by others. So that you feel that you have value. Consequently, you start to want to distance yourself from YOURSELF. You cannot stand to see an image of yourself through the success of other Black People. If they have power, you hate that power. If they have humility, you also hate that. Because you hate YOURSELF.

In a political environment, this is evident through the lifestyle of politicians in comparison to the lifestyle of the ordinary people. The politicians have big houses, flashy cars, high paying jobs, plenty of businesses, and we could continue forever. On the other hand, you have the regular citizens, living from handouts, hand-to-hand, month-to-month, on debts, and poor. But the most irony is that they will still proudly wear, and VOTE in, the T-shirts that they receive every election time.

In the EU or Canada, the politicians could be doing the same, but their people are also taken care of. Their minimum wages are decent. Their benefit systems are well planned for the benefit of their people. South Africa, at this point could be seeing the same success. Because, it’s almost 30 years now into the democracy.

We must remember that for almost 30 years, the Black Man is the leader. The Black Man is in the position of power to empower his fellow Black People. The Black Man is in the position of power to do right, not only by his soul, but by his Fellow Black People. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to blame other countries, other races, or other systems such as apartheid, (at this point in time).

To be continued…

By Mitta xinindlu

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