They say that:
For every action, there is a reaction.
For every positive, there is a negative.
For every right, there is a wrong.
For every good, there is evil.

But they don’t tell us that sometimes:
The action was towards the self, not the reactors.
The positive was for uplifting the self, not a challenge to others.
The right was for the liberation of the soul, not a call to critics.
The good was for the best, not a call for ten times the evil.

They also don’t tell us that sometimes:
The reaction was misled.
The negative was uncalled for.
The wrong was towards the wrong person.
And most of all, the evil was in a 360° direction.

Published by Mitta Xinindlu

Mitta Xinindlu is an author of books in fiction and nonfiction genres. She is a versatile writer and researcher. Her qualifications in academics include a Master of Science in Project Management and a Six Sigma Green Belt. A multilingual writer with a knowledge of ten languages. Her language skills range from elementary to native. She also knows Tech languages such as R programming and Python. Her work in writing has been featured in digital and print media. Media platforms include Parade Magazine, Thought Catalog, Psychology Today, and Your Tango Magazine, In 2019 PoemHunter selected one of her poems as a Poem of the Day.

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