(Just Words:) Regret Not — Vulnerabilty

There is a serious risk in being vulnerable. The risk is that those whom you’re being vulnerable to may misuse or ridicule your vulnerability. But the bigger risk is that if you refrain from being vulnerable, you consequently allow fear to win.

Take the lesser risk, and get the job of healing done.

When you have taken the difficult step of being vulnerable with someone or some people, and they embrace your pain, you win.

When you have taken the difficult step of being vulnerable with someone or some people, and they ridicule your pain, you win.

Why do you win in both situations? Let’s discuss. 

You win because you have taken a step towards YOUR healing. Those who misuse your vulnerability are, in fact, still in deep misery of their own. They are still battling with learning on how to be responsible with others’ vulnerability. That means, you are one step ahead of them.

It may seem like you’re being thrown back into your pain. But, no. You’re being liberated ‘through’ pain.

And once your liberation is final, you will land in the comfort of those who can identify with your vulnerability in a matured and responsible manner. You will meet a tribe of individuals who are not afraid to feel some discomfort because of your state.

You will meet emotional warriors whose swords only come out in times of healing battles. You will meet people who will comfort you until all your childhood hurts are healed. But it is YOU who must take the first step. That first step is being vulnerable. You could be vulnerable with anyone you like: a psychologist, friend, family members, or a guru. But in the end, you will be vulnerable with the right people.

These are the Laws that I gift to you; the Laws of Healing Through Pain. (You may add your own.)

1. Do not regret telling your deepest secrets to evil ears. 2. Do not regret exposing your deepest wound to the eyes of one million snakes. 3. Do not regret revealing your shame to broken mirrors. 4. Vulnerability is ought to be temporary. But, regret will bind you to it on a permanent basis.

You’re healing through your pain. You’re healing inspite of those who have misused your vulnerability. The piece of your vulnerability that they used to gain social points is the only part of you that they could ever have. The rest of the system belongs to you. And, hereon, you are in full control of its direction.

Go on, and heal your inner child.


Published by Mitta Xinindlu

Mitta Xinindlu is an author of books in fiction and nonfiction genres. She is a versatile writer and researcher. Her qualifications in academics include a Master of Science in Project Management and a Six Sigma Green Belt. A multilingual writer with a knowledge of ten languages. Her language skills range from elementary to native. She also knows Tech languages such as R programming and Python. Her work in writing has been featured in digital and print media. Media platforms include Parade Magazine, Thought Catalog, Psychology Today, and Your Tango Magazine, In 2019 PoemHunter selected one of her poems as a Poem of the Day.

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