Hillsong Church Under Fire

Hillsong United
Led by the son of Brian Houston, Joel Houston.

Have you read about the ongoing s*xual abuse cases against the leaders of the Hillsong Church? What’s your take on those? Carl Hertz who led the New York branch is being accused of se*ual harrassment, while other leaders are being accused of r*pe.

Currently, Brian Houston is allegedly being questioned for concealing his father’s pedo crimes. 

Brian Houston
Carl Lentz

60Minutes Australia reports that there has been an ongoing abuse against the members (women and children) of the Hillsong church …and it’s been going on for some time now. But each time, the cases would be swept under the rug, and life would continue as if nothing happened.

Sounds familiar?

Such ignorance seems to be quite a norm in our society. And it’s sickening. The perpetrators get to be the ones protected by the system while leaving out the victims to fend for themselves.

But, eventually (and with persistence from the victims), justice has to be served at some point. Right?

The Hillsong church was founded by Brian Houston and Bobbie Houston (his wife) in the 1980s. However, prior to that, his parents, Frank and Hazel owned its roots — the Hill Christian Life Centre.

Bobbie Houston & Brian Houston

The church has been very popular ..particularly due to its appeal to all age groups and backgrounds. In fact, it seems to be more fitting to the lifestyle of many people today.

Many people seem to enjoy the church because it markets itself as the real deal.

But most get dissapointed as they discover the dark side of the church …as we have all been made aware in the past year. Perhaps many people have known about these crimes for years.

Perhaps the marketing strategy of the church has been so strong that the mainstream media didnt know about it until recently. Or perhaps no one cared enough back then to bring the means of justice into play.

You know, many of us have had all the Hillsong United music saved on our music systems. Even celebrities such as Justin Bieber have marketed Hillsong through their associations with the church or its characters.

Justin Bieber & Carl Lentz

But, now we know better. Now we know the dark side of this foundation. And we should act like we know.

Just like we cancelled R. KELLY and his music, we should also cancel going to places where men abuse women and children. Places where abuse is promoted rather condemned  …including cancelling the church.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Right?

Disclaimer: key details remain alleged. Inages used under Creative Commons License.

Stay tuned for legal analyses of the Hillsong cases. Check the Blog section for new legal analyses.

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