Macron: a Global-minded Leader

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for some time now. And every time, I decided not to …lacking words that would make it read less political. However, one of Président Macron’s tweet on 8 October 2021 finally pushed me into laying my words on paper.

I’m not a political analyst. These views are based on nonstatistical data; thus,  remaining highly subjective. As always, ladies and gentlemen, this text is like a conversation that acquaintances could have, please read with a light heart. Let’s begin.

A Youthful Leader

One of the youngest presidents to have ever lived, Emmanuel Macron has proved that being young doesn’t mean you can’t (effectively) lead. Many presidents around the world are seasoned in age ….perhaps in their mindset as well. Being a young leader has many advantages… as we have observed through Macron’s tenure. This president can be among the political leaders one day, and pose with Rihanna the next. And guess what? He fits in both world perfectly. He relates to both worlds because he understands both sides of life. 

That’s one of the many advantages that he has over others.

There is a lot of resemblance of attitude to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is also young and futuristic. Hence Canada remains everyone’s preferred country. Generally, when people think of Canada, they think of a powerhouse that also (ironically) gives mental peace. 

And that’s where Macron has placed France today.

Global Thinking Attitude 

President Macron has transformed the perspective that many held about France. For many years now, some people perceived France as a ‘closed-view‘ country    …a country that believed that it existed alone — in its own world. Where other languages such as English were not assumed to be neither required nor important. Where people only spoke and knew one language… and were extremely content about it. 

So, what Macron has done is to open the mindset of his people. He’s achieved that by convincing french people to atleast speak one more language. He indirectly presented the need for a second language …not only as a skill, but as a means to form effective collaborations. 

He continues to lead by example.

Just from observing his Twitter account, one could note that he tweets in different languages all the time …and does so with an effective charisma. His intention is clear. He speaks directly to any group of interest — in their language …saying to them, ‘I see you, I understand you …and you can put your trust in me.’ And that strategy wins him a few more people globally. (Positioning France at an advantage.)

Okay…of course, and perhaps, not all French people appreciate his versatility …because, we must remember that safeguarding a language and culture remains important to anyone’s identity. And the French people value their culture and language probably more than anyone in the whole world. 

Now, to explain this in a political way, here’s an example: speaking your language, not adopting another …and making others speak your language too has always been a power move infamously known as part of colonisation. Because the more there were people who spoke your language, the more it proved that you had conquered more ground. 

But that worked effectively mostly in the olden days. In today’s world (and tomorrow’s world), the more languages that you can speak, the more powerful you become. Because you get to be in a position to negotiate with many people and make lucrative deals.

In the olden days, physical fighting did the trick — there was barely a need to talk. In the following century after that, there was a high use of spies who had to learn the target’s language. But, today the skills that are mostly valuable are not the manpowered ones but of mental power. And within that mental war, human intelligence is less concerned with manipulation but more with vulnerability and transparency (thus, eliminating the heavy realiance on spies).

Today leaders are not afraid to speak directly to their opponents or targets via Twitter (thanks to Trump). And the transparency works. People are trusting the government more than it is expected nowadays. The resistance is less because leaders are mingling with the crowd.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must admit that Macron has understood the Assignment. 

Let’s dive deeper into his Public Character 

He understands that the more you are relatable to all kinds of people, the higher are the chances of ruling more ground. Fear is nolonger effective in todays world. Relatibility does the trick. But if you’re only limited to speaking your one language, you’ll be limited to be interesting only to your people. 

The fururistic world demands a global leader — not just a country leader.

Things are changing …so fast. And many old methods that used to fit in well in the past are becoming redundant and/or obsolete. This world needs more futuristic leaders. Leaders who will rule globally and not be limited on leading just one country…and he’s one of those global candidates.

Why is he a GLOBAL leader?

Here’s why…

France used to be seen mostly as a mere tourism destination. But today, thanks to Macron, many people perceive France as a powerhouse. More or less the same way they’ve perceived America in the past years. 

Yes! His English helped. His education helped. His age helped. And guess what else helped? He still retained his cultural values as a French person  …while thinking beyond the walls of France. While realising that there is a bigger world out there beyond France. While realising that to be a leader in today’s world (tomorrow’s world), a President needs to obtain global qualifications that make him appealing to a wider population. (A population beyond his walls.) 

Currently, many young french people are starting to understand the advantage of being able to also speak English. Because, we must remember that to conquer the world, means to be able to speak to the world. (Hence the Americans have ruled the world the longest.)

NB: To be able to speak English in today's world nolonger signifies that England has won the power war. Today it merely means that a leader is able to access resources of other countries in the simplest way possible. 

President Emmanuel Macron is currently making necessary changes in France. Change is often uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many of his opposers will only realise the benefits of his strategy a bit too late. 


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