Masked Up

The pandemic has revived this world’s reality …and some of its conspiracies. However, we also know that some truths can be concealed as conspiracies — and conspiracy theories as truths.

For example, some people have been convinced that our lives would be somehow shortened if we continued wearing masks in public places. Now, when it comes to wearing masks, I think we may agree that there is no harm in wearing one.

Why is that so? Let’s dive in.

Medical Professionals

All medical professionals have been wearing masks since the beginning of time. Nothing hectic has happened to them in all these years. Also considering that they had to wear masks while working under critical circumstances, and hours at a time. So, if wearing masks was a death sentence, we would have no medical professionals today.

Michael Jackson

Michael lived a fairly long life. He was one of the few famous people to wear a mask for health reasons when it was not popular to do so. There was no pandemic during his time. In fact, the media used to criticise/ridicule him for wearing a mask. They called him weird, “wacko jacko”. Look how life turns around. Well, I guess that we’re all equally weird now.

Islamic Law

The niqāb is an all-face covering veil that some Islamic women have been wearing since the beginning of their religion. We can suppose that they have been breatheing fairly well so far. Unlike us, they have always ‘masked up’ …okay, maybe not for health or pandemic reasons. They primarily did so with respect to their religion.

And of course, they have also suffered immense humiliation at the hands of the media for being masked up all these years.

In fact, some Western countries made it illegal to wear a niqāb. But, the irony today is that everyone in the world is Masked Up.

Chinese Population

It has been decades now since some people have been masked up in China. Yes, also the media made it seem as if it was a weird thing to be Masked Up all the time. The Chinese people did not do it because of a pandemic or religion. In their case, it was due to matters related to climate change and/or air pollution.

Personal favourite positive outcome:
The positive thing about being Masked Up is that it saves us from witnessing all the fake smiles that are aimed at us.”

The Message

Sometimes we ridicule the actions of others without understanding their circumstances. Sometimes we accept conspiracies as truths, and truths as conspiracies. The fear of the unknown gets the best of us. The fear of the ‘other’ gets the best of us. We need to let go our fears bit by bit.

Go on, and Mask Up.


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