Jada Pinkett-Smith: Double Standards

It saddens me to see how Jada Pinkett-Smith is being vilified for having had a relationship with August Alsina, while she was ‘separated’ from her husband, Will Smith. A relationship which all parties have confirmed that it was well known to Will Smith.

By the way, Will has recently mentioned that Jada was not the only one having a relationship during the said break. But people choose to ignore that. Why? Because our society has made it ‘normal’ for men to ‘cheat’ on women, while women are said to be the devil when doing the same. The standards that are held for women show that there is an underlying hatred towards the female gender …indeed.

The only difference between Will and Jada is that one is coming out publicly (or was forced) to take ownership of her mistakes and weaknesses in their marriage. Just this week, after WIll Smith aired a trailer to his YouTube Series, mentioning that he wanted to commit suicide at some point in his life …people are also blaming it on Jada. (No-one has seen the actual series — but Jada is already said to be the reason.) See, how vilified this woman is?

Honestly, I’m not concerned about who cheated in their relationship … whatsoever. My curiosity, or concern, stems from the double standards that our society is reflecting through  this situation. With even the alleged relationships that Will has had, people say that he was pushed by Jada into those. But, no one is saying that Jada might have been pushed by Will into ‘cheating’ with August Alsina. 


I am one of the few people, I guess, who will be continuing to watch Red Table Talk. And for the record, Jada did not say that she was se*ually unsatisfied with Will in the recent infamous episode of Red Table Talk. She spoke, in agreement with the other ladies, saying that a se*ual-related topic is not an easy one. She was making the point from a very general perspective. But ‘everyone’ wants her to be the devil. It’s just so unfair. 


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