Google Fined €2.42 Billion : Judgment

Let’s start with this quoted paragraph from the Court’s press release. It gives the legal context to the case.

“The General Court upholds the fine of €2.42 billion imposed on Google
By decision of 27 June 2017, the Commission found that Google had abused its dominant position
on the market for online general search services in 13 countries in the European Economic Area,
by favouring its own comparison shopping service, a specialised search service, over competing
comparison shopping services. The Commission found that the results of product searches made
using Google’s general search engine were positioned and displayed in a more eye-catching
manner when the results came from Google’s own comparison shopping service than when they
came from competing comparison shopping services. Moreover, the latter results, which appeared
as simple generic results (displayed in the form of blue links), were accordingly, unlike results from
Google’s comparison shopping service, prone to being demoted by adjustment algorithms in
Google’s general results pages.

In respect of that infringement, the Commission imposed a pecuniary penalty on Google of
€2 424 495 000, of which €523 518 000 jointly and severally with Alphabet, its parent company.
Google and Alphabet brought an action against the Commission’s decision before the General
Court of the European Union.

By its judgment today, the General Court dismisses for the most part the action brought by the
two companies, and upholds the fine imposed by the Commission.”

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Some of us might remember that in 2017 Google was fined by the Commission for basically not respecting the EU competition laws. I actually applaud the EU Court of Justice for taking the Rights of its citizens quite seriously, as we have also observed on the Facebook Case. Is it a lot of money to fine Google? Well, billions of Euros is certainly a large amount. But not for Google. We must remember that Google makes a lot of money from Ads, and from charging us for storage space as of recently. There is also an alleged belief that Google sells our data for millions and millions of Euros.

So, when we take all things into consideration, we can conclude that the Court of Justice was not misled in this judgement. And, as for Google, they will bounce back from the Fine. But hopefully, they will also learn not to cross the line that requires total respect of consumers’ rights.

This ruling also sets a precedent for many cases to come …that is, cases against the big Tech dogs.

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