Kamala Harris In Paris

The speech that Kamala Harris delivered at the Paris Peace Forum reminded some of us why she was one of the best candidates for the US Presidency.

She spoke of the things that we care about the most. She spoke about the duty that all leaders have towards our society. And how they should be to protecting women and children.
But the worrisome issue is that it seems as if she went into a silent mode for the first ten months of her vice-presidency. Talking only about what Biden was doing, or what he was saying, etc. As if she lost her own voice after winning the vice-presidency.

MVP Harris with stirring words & stunning leadership at #ParisPeaceForum2021 🔥

MVP Harris’ closing remarks at #ParisPeaceForum2021 🌎

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There’s a chance that she was also still finding her feet within the new shoes. Maybe she was also learning the rules and procedures of the White House, who’s who, and so on. Because, we must remember that it was her first time working at the White House… as opposed to Joe Biden who had been working at the White House for decades.
Of course, it is also important that she shows support to her boss. But, we expect that she should have her own projects …projects that are aligned with all the critical things that she talked about in her campaign.

As a woman holding one of the highest positions on earth, she has a duty towards uplifting the women in her country (and maybe in the world). Also pushing forward all the key topics that promote the betterment of women and children.
She is a mother. So, it is important that she ‘outperforms‘ herself (since that’s one of the expectations that women inherit in order to be taken seriously — unfortunately.)

See, caring mothers will go far and beyond for their children. That’s the same attitude that women, in powerful positions, could adopt in making radical changes within the government or leadership. These women could use what is seen as their weakness to their best advantage. 
In fact, women do not have to talk like men to be powerful. They do not have to behave like men to make impactful changes. Women can use all that is naturally given to them, such as nurturing, insight, and intuition to be the best leaders that this world has ever seen.

And guess what, the world could also have less impactful conflicts. 

The sad reality is that many women who get to have top and powerful positions start behaving like men once they get up there. Thus, making no radical changes by the end of their tenure. 
Women could get into office and continue to act like women. Continue to act like mothers. Because that’s the only way we’re going to get radical changes towards the betterment of our society. 

It is when you’re different from the rest that you get to highlight what needs to be fixed. But if you act like everyone else, you will never make any radical changes that need to be made.
In closing: Kamala Harris’ visit to Paris has solidified her as the best candidate for leading the US …. particularly, at such critical times. Joe Biden should continue to entrust her with sensitive issues or projects that male leaders seem to be blinded to (at times).


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