Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 3)

The Spirit of Leaching

Photo by Manab Jyoti

For a man who was well travelled, as Gecko was, he remained extremely narrow-minded. One time a psychologist had told him that there was a difference between being fixed on one’s beliefs and being narrow-minded. She’d explained that being fixed on one’s beliefs qualifies one to follow his path without being peer-pressured into abandoning his own systems. However, also being able to acknowledge others’ differences without the fear of losing his own.

“You’ve got to learn to live among those who are different from you, while respecting them as free people.” She had appealed with him. “Being able to live together without mistreating or criticising others for believing differently is what this life is all about anyway.” Exclaimed the psychologist.
Gecko had an uncontrollable urge to criticise others for their belief systems. He would call them ‘stupid‘ for believing differently from himself. Thus, cementing himself as a narrow-minded person, indeed. In fact, to him, he and only he had the right knowledge. He was the only person with the right answers in this life. And no-one else.

Truly, it was one of his biggest mental challenges to see or to acknowledge that others could have different views from himself. He would not even sit with them …unless, he had noted some sort of a material or pleasure benefit that he could gain.
This is how he even committed to women that he didn’t necessarily like. He liked what he could benefit from being with them. Perhaps a higher public status. Perhaps plenty of money. Perhaps amazing lovemaking. And so on.

Th puzzling thing is that he seemed to be surrounded by people who were enabling his pompousness. His mother being the number one enabler. Perhaps she also did so unconsciously. He seemed to have a magnetic and hypnotic influence on everyone who crossed his path.
He was also very social with the people that he could control. But, he remained distant from his paternal family, while being inseperatable from his mother and her family. It also made sense. The maternal side of the family was rich, and they held an upper class in the society. Whereas, his paternal side of the family was from humble beginnings, with ethical and hardworking nature. Which is something that he didn’t like.

He liked the easy life. Easy money. Easy access. Plenty of pleasures, plenty of leisure ….all types of pleasure, all types of leisure. And he had people to give him all of these every single time.

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