Energy: Masculine v Feminine

This is a serious topic which has a potential for being misunderstood. Moreso because the analysis includes an unpopular scientific field, of which many people do not approve. 
To avoid any possible confusion, I must also define the terms that we will be using. That is: feminine energy and masculine energy.

Masculine energy in terms of this article refers to energy that is naturally high on testosterone. On the other side, feminine energy refers to energy that is naturally high on estrogen. Therefore, it is urged that the reader should not confuse these energies with gender or sexuality.

As always, ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you please read with a light heart. Let’s begin. 

Masculine Energy

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Masculine energy has been in control of our environment since the beginning of time ….at most times through the male gender. As a result of this, the feminine energy has been forced to take a second seat in all the affairs of our world, physically and spiritually.

The research question to this article is then: How can we be certain for sure that the issue is, indeed, not gender related but energy related? 

The LGBTQ+ society has presented us with a perfect research field from which to study these energies. Due to today’s atmosphere, I must gently remind the reader of my stance towards the LGBTQ+. [ Read views here: LINK and here: LINK].

So, when we observe the masculine energy — just within the LGBTQ+ society alone — we can note that the masculine energy rules, controls, and leads even in this ‘liberal’ society. The same way it rules, controls, and leads in the conservatives’ heterosexuals world.

Let’s dive deeper with two points…
1. Lesbians have silenced voices in comparison to those of gays. Lesbians are more likely to be victims of hate violence than gays. For example, in countries such as South Africa, lesbians get s*xually abused “to get the gayism out of them” … whereas such violent acts are not so common when it comes to gays. 

2. Gays and trans-women get more jobs and a higher pay than lesbians.Generally, gays and trans-women also get more opportunities. Let’s take the entertainment industry for an example. [It’s easier to talk about celebrities because we can all easily get the idea of the topic]. Most of the time, when a heterosexual speaks in disagreement to the lifestyle of those with masculine energy …that is, those within the LGBTQ+ community, the Community calls for that person to be ‘cancelled’. Usually, those who are in the forefront of the ‘cancel culture’ are those with the masculine energy. Such as trans-women, bisexual males, non-binary ex-males, and gays.

In fact, we rarely hear anything from the Community members who have feminine energy. Trans men, bisexual females, non-binary ex-females, and lesbians usually are silent. Those with the feminine energy rarely call for ‘cancel culture’. They rarely get bothered to the point of wanting to ruin others when their views, or lifestyles, are challenged. In fact, they usually enforce positive support amongst each other …or go on with living their lives without feeling any identity threat.

Violent Nature

We have also observed that violent actions against others are often incited by the masculine energy. Let’s take social media behaviour as an example. More often than not, we see that it is the masculine energy that bashes, criticises, or tears down female celebrities. The comments on the blogs that enforce violence usually come from those with this energy. 

Let’s Speculate: Biologically

From the scientific point of view, we know why the masculine energy is more pushy than the feminine one. We know that from a point of the physical setup of human beings, there is the body strength advantage that is lacking in those with feminine energy. So, 8/10 times the masculine energy will triumph over the feminine energy in a physical battle. 

Let’s Speculate: Psychologically

It is interesting that many psychologists have agreed that most violent people lack the mental strategies that help in dealing with conflicts. Meaning that those with feminine energy are likely to have a higher emotional intelligence than those with masculine energy. Thus being able to not resort to violent attacks when in conflicts. In research, we have discovered that people with high emotional intelligence are less likely to commit violence in comparison to otherwise.

Let’s Speculate: Religiously

We know that The Bible, The Quran, and many other religious books have been telling us that the male gender is more superior than the female gender. This belief of being better, unfortunately, doesn’t dissolve easily even in the terms of masculine energy (not gender). People with the masculine energy can be born with 100% identification to being a female gender. Yet, they will still hold an upper advantage to the natural born female gender. Why? Because of their advantageous masculine energy.

Let’s speculate: Legally

We all know that 8/10 crime cases that are committed by those with the masculine energy — against those with feminine energy — will go unpunished. Or if and when they are punished, they will be unfairly punished. Why? Because 80% of sitting judges in the world are either male gendered or are people with the masculine energy.

Let’s speculate: Socially

Feminine energy has been long associated with being weak. It’s been the case long before academic studies became a thing. Basically in our world, anything that is associated with being weak is commonly undesired. It is rejected, or looked down upon. So then, it would explain why, for example, trans-women would still retain the masculine energy even after surgery. Simply because the masculine energy would continue to help them in retaining that ‘assumed’ authority over others.

Let’s Speculate: Astrologically

Lastly, let’s take a look at a scientific field that is usually rejected as nonsense. But for researchers, nothing is a rejected topic. We enjoy getting our minds and fingers in almost everything. Never leaving any stone unturned. So, in my research, I have discovered that many astrologers associate the masculine energy with the planet Mars. A planet known to be responsible for violence, hypersexuality, force, war, all sorts of such. With this, it means that the masculine energy can also be highly present in natural-born females. And in most cases, those females would be violent, rough, and sexually hyped.


The masculine energy is not gender associated. But it can express itself in a certain gender more than the other. With that in mind, it can also cause its host to have limited nurturing abilities, giving more harsh actions. However, with time ….and maybe through an interference of science, I think that we could tame the negative side of the masculine energy (if we really wanted to). But for now, we can be certain that many issues are energy related more than they are gender related.

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