Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 4)

Gecko Crawls on Kristel

Photo by Egor Kamelev

Gecko was an intelligent man. A man who was capable of making everyone feel as if they owned him. He had the intensity of making all of them think that they were the only one in his life. Whomever he was with at any given moment would feel as if they had all of his attention, trust, and loyalty. A skill which many people lacked. A skill that he used with tact and ease.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed the idea of having a serious relationship with only one person. A relationship that would give him freedom, as he once put it, while flirting and entertaining the rest. He was a complicated person. And everyone sensed it.

When he eventually decided to venture into a serious relationship, he did so with a seasoned woman. She was in her late 40s, and he found her irresistable. She was attractive, promiscuous, and a free-spirit. She met his idea of a relationship partner. Someone who would not be around him all the time. Someone who would not exceed him in qualifications or social class. Someone whom he could tear down easily, when he was tired of her. The only problem was that she didn’t fit the idea of a girl worth introducing to his family. A family that had high expectations which needed to meet their social class.

Even his friends disapproved of her. Kristel was fond of life. She had no reason not to live fully. She had had experienced multiple disappointments in her lifetime. She’d met all the smooth criminals that could break her heart into pieces. At that point, she thought that she had nothing else to lose. Until she met Gecko.

Kristel was a foreigner …just like how he preferred them. She was dynamic, with bright hair, and gothic clothes. She lived for the now. She lived with no care; a heavily drinker and a chain smoker. She indulged in drugs as if she wanted to remove her traumas from her past. Perhaps she did. But if only she knew that through Gecko, her traumas would not vanish, but only multiply.

Why would you go to the slaughterhouse for healing? A question everyone asked post their encounters with Gecko.

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