Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 7)

Sheep and Wolves

Photo by Egor Kamelev

Gecko had sure broken up with Kristel. No doubt. Nonetheless, he continued to call her when he needed to be serviced. He’d also given her his car. An old car that he no longer wanted nor which he had parking space for. Maybe also as a ‘hold’ on her. Something that could make her feel obliged to avail herself to him at anytime that he wanted.

See, Gecko was good at placing small investments … investments that would get him luscious and convenient returns. His intelligence made him a cunning salamander. Or his cunning made him an intelligent man. Either way Gecko was always winning.

But, there’s always a funny outcome when intelligence meet experience. Because as soon as Kristel suspected his intentions, she sold the car and reported it as stolen. She even sent him the police report …”for insurance purposes”, so she said. See, in the end, he no longer had any reason to hold on to her. She was an experienced woman who knew how to free herself from a troubled young man.

Gecko was upset. Close to being overly vengeful. So, to get his revenge, he travelled to her city one certain weekend. Leaving his new girlfriend, Mirriam, behind. He made an excuse of course, he had to see his mother or something. And Mirriam believed him. Like everyone would when he wore his sleek and smooth lying suit.

He wanted to survey the situation himself at Kristel’s place. He wanted to take what he could from Kristel as a repayment for his vehicle …that he didn’t want. He knew that she had no money to give to him. Neither did he care about money in that way. So, what else could he take?

He had thought about it for sometime …about two months. Then he decided that he wanted to get some hot action from her sexy body. If his car was gone, “she was sure going to pay for it with what she had. Her body.” 
He’d bragged to his friends.

Once the action-packed weekend passed, he returned back to his girlfriend… and accused Kristel of seducing him. He couldn’t believe how he happened to have bumped into Kristel at the bar. And apparently Kristel had taken advantage of him. Secuding him to the point that he did what he didn’t want to do. He was so distraught, almost weeping at Mirriam’s feet, asking her to forgive him.

See, Mirriam did not know about this information. She did not ask anything about Kristel. She had not suspected anything. Because in her mind, Gecko had gone to see his mother or something.

But this confession was an important chess move for Gecko. To make a statement to Mirriam. To insert into her mind that other women desired him. That Mirriam was lucky to be with him.

 …And Mirriam believed every word and intention. Because how could an innocent man such as Gecko lie to her, right? 
But if only she knew better.

He was talking to Mirriam but at the same time he was chatting on Facebook …with Kristel.

“Whom are you chatting to, babe?” Mirriam asked curiously, suspecting it could be more than just Facebook.

Kristel: “What do you mean? Are you dating her? What is going on?”  
: “Me and you were just friends with benefits. I never thought that dating other people would be a problem. Remember that you were also having action with others. I never complained.”
Kristel: “Until you asked me not to.”

Gecko responded without even lifting his head from the screen, “I’ve already explained that I don’t like it when people make me feel like I’m being interrogated. My mom used to do it on me all the time. She used to spy on me. It made me feel tremendous mental pressure. I don’t want my girl to do the same thing to me.”

“I’m sorry, babe. You’re right.” Mirriam apologised with a kiss on his forehead.

That control move pleased Gecko to the T. He was on a mission to brainwash Mirriam …to train her on how to behave while on his leash. And she was being a perfect student. ‘Such a good girl,’ he thought.

And he continued his pity party, “this is why I couldn’t be with Kristel, you know. She was mentally ill. She had childhood traumas, and I felt like I couldn’t be myself with her. She would ask me questions all the time. You know, with you I want to feel like I can be my true self.” He added, increasing the guilt-trip a bit far.

Mirriam sincerely apologised again. And left him in the room to give him more space. ‘He was right,’ she thought. ‘He had a tough childhood with his mother controlling his every move. He surely needed someone who’d understand and love him without judgement or questions. And I can give him that.’ She convinced herself.

It also pleased him to have her feeling guilty for asking normal questions. Because then he could continue to see other people while claiming her as his main girl. A win for him. 

Kristel: “But that’s not what we agreed to when you came to crash at my place this past weekend. You told me that you wanted to go steady with me. Telling me that the girl was just a friend.”

Gecko: “I never understood how you can change everything that we talk about into a new story. Maybe your childhood traumas still make you unstable. I feel like I have to explain myself to you all the time. You know, I really thought that you were open-minded. I mean also considering that you’re 20 years older than me.”

Kristel: “While you said that you were straightforward.”

Gecko: “Maybe that’s why we should be distant from each other for a while.”

Kristel: “You can go and shake yourself then!!!”

And that’s when Kristel finally blocked him off her life. She blocked him on Facebook, and from her mind. To never see or speak to him again. 

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