Investigating the Death of a Mother

Uncovering True Life Events through Unorthodox Sciences.
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Investigating the Death of a Mother
The mother who left behind six children, the youngest being only 2 years old was a community darling. She was both respected and admired in her community. She was spiritually gifted. But it was her humility that drew many people towards her. 

Unfortunately, where there is admiration, there is also animosity. 

The medical professionals said that she had died from cancer. Indeed she had been ill for a long time, with no chemo on offer. The times were different then. South Africa devalued the life of a black woman to the maximum. People went to the hospital only to die. It was a norm. 

On the other hand the community had been sharing whispers, insinuating that she had died because she had been bewitched. Some even insinuated to know the people who had bewitched her. They named a list of people who had “thwebula” her. That is, teleporting her into a hidden spiritual realm, to where only the witches had access. 

Generally, the witchcraft practiced in Africa is believed to be one of the highest occult sciences to ever exist. Simply because no-one has ever been able to explain, in logical terms, the possibilities that it seems to provide. Such as, in the case of this Mother, teleporting the real person to another world, and replacing her with an exact double body for the purposes of a burial.


Having known both sides, both sciences to the story of her death, I’ve always been interested to uncover  her death using Vedic Astrology. 


After the birth of her youngest child, her sixth child, there was no way she would have live a longer life. Why? The chart of the youngest daughter had all the indications of what would happen to the Mother. 

The Moon, representing the Mother, is placed in a critical position, and with malefics in this chart. According to Vedic, such a placement is not strong for the Moon, and as a result any bad transit would complete her mission on earth.

At the birth of the child, the Moon was with Saturn, in a house owned by Mars. That means, Mars was the landlord and he leased his one of his two apartments to Moon and Saturn to share. 

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The Moon is a sensitive planet, which moves extremely fast. Though moody, but it is also very nurturing. So when it is placed with Saturn, a grumpy elderly who moves extremely slowly, a bad thing is bound to happen. 

On the other hand, Saturn placed in Mars energy is extremely agitated. It finds the demands of Mars extruciating and highly illogical. Why? Because Mars, like Moon, is a fast moving planet. Not faster than Moon, but fast nonetheless. Mars wants things done now. It doesn’t care about thinking and planning things through. It sees action, and goes for it.

Another things is that Mars is a hot energy while Saturn is a slow and cold one. Ice cold attitude. 

Saturn is not moved by any emotion. It is emotionless. While on the other hand Mars is all about passion. With Saturn, everything must be done slowly, hard, and with discipline… Always! 

Saturn hates both Moon and Mars. To him, these two are enemies. Funnily enough, both planets find Saturn a neutral being. That is, they don’t sense any of its animosity towards them. When they’re in a room with it, they’re comfortable around Saturn while it dies and sends itself into depression from being with or around them.

Mars considers Moon as its friend. It admires Moon because Moon resembles much of itself. Quick and emotional. But Moon doesn’t share the same sentiments. To Moon, Mars is just like any planet that it meets on the galaxy streets. Neither animosity nor admiration is served.

But because Mars likes Moon and hates Saturn, he obviously favours Moon in leasing his apartment to them. Maybe sometimes even letting Moon not pay rent …which could be one of many reasons to increase the hatred of Saturn towards Moon.

The Meditation

Saturn has three best friends whom it relies on without reserve. Its friends are Mercury, Venus, and Rahu. And they also hate the Moon with the same passion as their friend Saturn does.

On the other hand, Moon considers Mercury as its friend, while considering Saturn and Venus as neutral beings. But the hatred from Rahu is mutual. 

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With this confusion of Moon about who its real friends are, it easy to be setup by any of them. Which is what happened in this investigation. And that confusion and trusting the wrong people resulted to the death of the Mother.

In this case, Saturn conspired with its best friend Venus to trap the Moon and kill him at Venus’ home. 

Saturn, like every planet, knows that Moon travels around the 12 houses, staying 2.5 days in each house every time. In that visitation around the neighbourhood, Moon also visits its own property which is always vacant throughout the year. In this visitation round, it also visits the apartments of his enemies, staying the same amount of time. Always!

Sometimes when on the visits, it so happens that the owners are also around. If the owners are enemies to him, a clash will happen for sure. If the owners consider him an enemy, a clash will happen as well. If the owners are his friends, he then gets to have a nice stay. In the case where both are neutral to each other, nothing happens. Each focuses on itself and its mission. 

 The Plan

Saturn planned with both Venus and Mercury. It was not alone. Even though Mercury would not be physically involved in the murder, or the transition of Moon, it would be a high accomplice. 

The plan was that in 1990 when Mercury was the President, Moon was the Minister, and Sun was the Mayor, the plan would go through. In Vedic terms, it was the Mahadasha of Mercury, Antardasha of Moon, and Purtya dasha of the Sun.

Usually, in such hostile cases, Sun would be helpful in protecting Moon. Sun and Moon are best friends. But Sun in this particular dasha did not have enough strength to protect Moon. Moon’s enemies combined would overpower it. Plus, Mercury is friendly towards Sun. So, even though Sun is cordial to Mercury in return, there’s no reason for Sun to suspect any ill-treatment from Mercury. 
Sun is also in a mutual enemy situation with Venus, Saturn, and Rahu. As much as they hate Moon, they also hate it with the same passion.

Saturn, Venus, and Mercury were also aware that at the time of Moon’s murder, Sun would be highly occupied with its Higher Learning under the mentorship of his friend, the Great Guru Jupiter. Thus, distracted from paying any attention to its great friend Moon.

Saturn, Mercury, and Venus had discussed that Moon would leave the apartment where it resided with Saturn, making a stop at one of the apartments owned by Saturn. There it would encounter Rahu, one of Saturn’s best friends. Rahu would then indicate to Mercury who was keeping an eye from afar of the state of Moon.

The plan was that Rahu would do its part in tearing Moon apart, making sure that its spirit was shuttered. Indeed, Moon was challenged, and its moods went up and down like never before. Rahu tormented it. It drove Moon almost crazy.

As a result, by the end of the visit, Moon was looking forward to leave ASAP. Everything started on a good step for Saturn and its friends. The plan was going well.
Even though Mercury would not be physically involved in the murder, it was clear that it would be a high accomplice. The thing with Mercury is that it is a sponge. When there is good being done, it does good too. When there is bad being done, it becomes a bad planet. 

The 2,5 days visit left Moon very ill. It then proceeded to visit another apartment owned by Saturn. Luckily there was no one there. It gave Moon enough time to recoup itself, getting ready to visit Jupiter’s apartment. 
Nothing much happened there either. It then travelled to Mars’ other apartment, where Mars was present. Mars welcomed its tenant and treated Moon very well. In fact, Mars knew that Moon would be visiting Venus’ apartment next. But there was nothing that Mars could do because once Moon moved from that apartment, their contact would be disconnected. There was would be no line connecting from Mars’ place to Venus’. Meaning that Moon would be all alone in the hands and apartment of someone who hated him.

The cherry on top is that Mars from thus position would become a temporary enemy to Moon.

Truly, on the day of its departure, Moon set early for its next stop. Which was … Moon’s final visit for the life of the Mother.

All along, Mercury was with Ketu, another enemy to Moon, at the apartment of Moon. They were trashing Moon’s apartment. Tearing the place apart. Tearing down its health, increasing the enemies, increasing debt, and disturbing daily routines. 

Why? Because Moon owns the 6th house. The 6th house represents health, daily routines, diet, debts, enemies, work, services received from others, to count a few.
That means that with Ketu and Mercury, Moon’s enemies here, they destroyed everything positive represented by the 6th house, and increased everything negative represented by the house. Wearing the strength of the moon farther.

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Mercury also represents nurses. The 6th house in astrology represents, amongst other things, external and unexpected enemies, like thieves. So, nurses being active in this house at the time of the mother’s ill health could indicate some negligence from their side towards her health. 

The 6th house is owned by Moon. Indicating that Ketu, the ancestors and people of the Spiritual world were in control of the Mother’s house while she was slowly losing her life. Remember, Mercury and Ketu are neutral to each other, so each planet did the job they needed to do without affecting each other.
When Moon was at Venus’ place, the big clash happened. Because Mars was 12 places away from moon, Mars was in the deathbed of Moon. Even though friends to Mars in astrology, in life Mars also represents violence, surgery, blood, accident, and violence. It also represents males. In this regard, it means that a male figure was the one who operated, or shed blood — so to speak, of the Mother. It could have been a male close to her, a surgeon, or a witchdoctor.
A male person was the last one to be at the death bed of the Deceased Mother.

We also know that because the big Transition happened during Moon’s transit into Venus’ house, there was also a woman who is responsible for the passing of the mother. Unfortunately, it is unclear as to what trade exactly the woman did, except that it could have been related to the arts or creativity. Or it could have been a beautiful woman. It is also clear from the ownership and placement of Venus at the time, being the 4th house, that the Mother died at the home of the child, or close to the home. And the woman or women around her made her transition possible.

We also know that there was an elder who did not accept nor like the Mother. The elder was of the same family of the Mother. Since Saturn shares a house with Moon. From this, we can tell that the elder is the one who was the brains behind her illness, either indirectly or directly. 

Sun was with Jupiter in the 5th house at the time of the Mother’s passing. Which indicates that the Father was focusing on the comforting the children. We can also tell that he was focused on spirituality because of Jupiter.  Jupiter also represents children in Astrology. So it is highly indicated that the father was caring for the hurting children. He was totally distracted from being there for his wife, the dying Mother.

Saturn was 8 places away from the 4th house. The 8th house represents death and accidents in astrology. Thus, representing a position of death and transformation to both herself and her last born. The 8 house is a house that also represents secrets. Meaning that the elder who started the influence towards the weak health of the Mother knew about it, and was secretive about her ordeal. The 8th house also represents wills and inheritances which could indicate that, possibly, the elder had money motives. The 8th house represents blood, witchcraft, occults, hidden things.

These things fit to both known scenarios: the medical perspective and the witchcraft one.

From the perspective of Vedic Astrology, we are able to see the roles of each person regarding to her death. We can tell the state of the Father, and what he was focused with. We can tell that there was at least one elder, one woman, a female relative or friend, and a male who were not wishing her well.

From the chart of this child, we also noted that the Mother died at home, or very closely to the home. We also see that even though the community admired her, she was troubled by an elder in her family. She was unhappy due to an elder who was cold and harsh towards her.

Finally, we can see that her fate was certain due to the position of the planets at the time of her death. It is because of these real events that the Science makes sense. If the planets could have been in an exact position, and she lived happily ever after, the science would have failed to prove its realibility.

Me as a researcher who is also the subject of this investigation, I cannot deny the reality of Vedic Astrology. I rely on quantifieable data in my day-to-day life, hence the need and the extent to have to prove to myself, using events known to me against the science.

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