Halls of Ivy: Beyoncé Finally Found Her Niche

It is so exciting to see that Beyoncé has finally found her niche in her Adidas x Ivy collaboration. The past releases did not represent much of her as a brand. They didn’t represent her well-put appearance.

Beyoncé, Queen of the Entertainment Industry

We all know Queen B as a well-put, organised, well-coordinated Icon, right?

Being ‘messy’ is rarely associated with her or her Brand. Being fashion-forward is rarely associated with her or her Brand. Being fashion risqué is rarely associated with her or her brand.

Her Public Brand

When we think of Beyoncé, the first image that comes to mind is: perfect, expensive, high-end designs, evening gowns, formal clothes, high-heels.

Ama Qamata x Ivy Park #HallsofIvy

We rarely think of Beyoncé in mini skirts, boot-shorts, femme-fatale outfits, and ripped jeans. That would be Rihanna in our head. Right?

Beyoncé has built her brand to the point that it is extremely difficult to associated risks and “chaos” with her either in fashion or her life in general. 

So, maybe that’s why the first releases didn’t land so much with people.

Halls of Ivy

Halls of Ivy is landing for sure. And her reign will increase and last a lifetime. Why? Because when we see Halls of Ivy clothes, we think of office, going out on serious dates, high-class, well-put, well-presented, clean, ….just like Beyoncé. 

This means that we as fans can finally feel connected to her and her Brand through this release. Fans can finally wear the exact style or presentation of Beyoncé herself.

In Final Words

May the Queen of the Entertainment Industry prosper in her Ivy ventures …all the way up to that Billionaire status. It’s well-deserved.

Congratulations, Beyoncé. You did extremely well with this release. 

Buy her Ivy Brand on https://www.adidas.com/ivypark

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