Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

Today we’re investigating Bobbie Kristina’s expiration. Bobbie was a daughter of the globally recognised musicians and icons, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown. 

Disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer nor an occult scientist. I’m a researcher and a writer. I strictly employ academic research methods for these investigations: mixing qualitative and quantitative analyses. 

I compiled the data, analysed the data, tested the data against the science, and voìla. In that approach, all conclusions are to be taken as mere probabilities, and strictly for research purposes.

Assumptions: the research assumes that all birth details of the research subjects are valid.


According to the Media, Bobbi Kristina transitioned on to the spiritual world on 26 July 2015. 

Bobbi Kristina

I must admit that from a researcher’s point of view I was a bit puzzled by the findings because on the global sphere, the vedic science did not agree with what we know from the Media. 

So…that required me to go deeper into the research, looking into many different media outlets… including social media. 

Research purpose: I needed to know why the Science was saying one thing while the Media was saying the another. 

There’s an explanation… let’s begin.


Public Knowledge

From Wikipedia we know that Bobbi Kristina started her public relationship with the accused to her death, Nick Gordon in 2012. 
Please keep this year in mind as it plays a big part from the perspective of the Science.

Official known Date of Death: 26 July 2015. 

Accused Conspirer to her passing: Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s boyfriend at the time.


The Planetary Setup

The president in her planetary world at the time of her death was the grumpy, old, and depressed Saturn. In fact, Saturn had been the president for quite some years. The Minister was Jupiter, who is neutral to grumpy Saturn. Remember that neutral planets in vedic sciences do not have neither a negative nor a positive effect on each other. They live individually, focusing on their individual jobs. 

But, Jupiter and Saturn have common traits by nature. They both have good wisdom, and are elders of the community who move relatively slowly. They both love spirituality and doing good things for the better good of the people. 

The main difference is that Jupiter is happy, always singing spiritual songs, praying, preaching the good word, blessing us with children, teaching us the higher knowledge, and sharing its wisdom. 

On the other hand, Saturn is depressed, cold-hearted, enjoys being alone, disciplines everyone (but always justly), punishes or awards everyone (always justly), requires hard and repetitive work from everyone, and meditates at the beginning and ending of its day.

It’s also clear that the Mayor of her planetary world at this subject period was Rahu. Remember: Rahu is best friends with both Saturn and Jupiter. 

The odd thing is that Rahu is concerned only about itself. Very selfish. Very demanding. A con-artist. Fond of addictions. Fond of having unending supplies of whatever it has at theat moment, and still would want more of it. 
You may ask then why would these two old and respectable planets be best friends with Rahu? 

The thing with Rahu is that its a mirror ‘planet’. (Occult Scientists assume Rahu and Ketu as planets even though they are just mathematical points…for simplicity.)
Rahu behaves exactly just like the planet it is sitting with, or is aspected by. If it is with Jupiter, it will be mighty spiritual, it will seek and possess high knowledge, it will teach lessons, and so on. And would even behave more than Jupiter would …because Rahu will want more and more of what it consumes.
It makes sense then to say that Jupiter and Saturn will never learn of Rahu’s bad behaviour because in front of them, he is just like themselves…and more.

With all these three planets ruling in her life at the time of her passing, one would expect the best results from her life. In the government of her planetary world, all was well and good, so to speak. 

So, what could have gone wrong then?

Let’s go deeper.

Bobbie Kristina’s relationship with Nick Gordon

But what we do know is that his Sun was Aries. Why is this important? It’s important because in the research we can see that Bobbi Kristina’s partner was aspected by Mars. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac sign Aries. 

Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon

Also to remember that Mars is a planet of Death, Transformations, Secrets, Hidden knowledge, Sex, Passion, Action, Blood, Violence, sports, etc.

So… It means that, as per the Science, her partner would have some of these Martian trains. As of the violence, we know from Media that Nick was accused of being domestically violent and controlling.

We also know from her chart that she also viewed Nick Gordon, her partner, as a mentor somehow, or as her husband. Why? Due to Jupiter sitting in the house of benefits from the relationship. We also know that her mother, Whitney Houston had something to do with connecting Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. Or being involved in their relationship. Why? Because Moon is sitting together with Jupiter in that same house.

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston

But that’s not all. 

We also know that because Moon is in the house of benefits from the relationship, Bobbie Kristina could have seen Nick as like her “mother”, her nurturer… Someone who took care of her. 

But that’s not all. 

Bobbi, Whitney

Jupiter and Moon are not just together here. They’re sitting with Mercury. Mercury amongst other tens of things represents friends, intellect, communication, fun times, … Meaning that Nick was also a friend in Bobbi Kristina’s eyes. 

Well, the Science would be wonderful if we didn’t already know these details from the Media, wouldn’t it be? In fact,  all of these minor details about Whitney’s role in the relationship, and how Nick got to be with Bobbi are written in the media. 

The science is just repeating what we already know.


Relationship: What We Might Not Know 

What we do not know from the media, but implied in the Science is that there were elders who had a stern say in their relationship. Why? Because the house of the benefits to their relationship is aspected by the good old grumpy Saturn. Maybe the elders were family members who may have approved him as a friend but not as a responsible person to nurture Bobbi. Maybe the elders could have been from her community. We would have to dig deeper to figure that part out. But today’s focus is not on that.

So why blame Saturn? To remember that Saturn accepts Mercury as a friend, is neutral to Jupiter, but hates Moon. So, out of the three planets sitting there, Saturn would disturb Moon (which could be the nurturing aspect of Nick.)

The Big Question: Did Nick Gordon Contribute to Bobbi Kristina’s Passing as per the allegations?

According to the Science the answer is No. If we’re really following the methodology given by Occult Scientists, it’s not so at all.

What we see from the research is that their relationship ended because there was a state of illusion or confusion —addiction or drugs — that altered her state of reality. We also see that the state of the said illusion occured really fast. Why? Because in the house of endings to their relationship sits planets Neptune and Uranus, and in a fiery sign.
Neptune is known to be responsible for addiction and use of drugs. It’s also responsible for confusion. On the other hand, Uranus is responsible for changes …but very quick changes.

Neptune is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces is associated with water. Pisces is associated with two fish. Just like how Nick said he found Bobbi… a fish in a fishbowl, figuratively speaking.


The Relationship Start

Now let’s revisit that year in which they started their relationship, 2012.

What we see from the timeline is that Rahu also had started its Antardasha to the Mahadasha of Saturn. To remember that Rahu represents con-artists, addicts, and people who are like magicians. Rahu is something foreign, different, a rule-breaker. 
But because Rahu mimics the planet it’s associated with, it’s possible for Bobbi Kristina to have seen Nick as someone who was disciplined, a justice lover, a focused man, and so on.

Whereas it could have been possible that he was with her to benefit himself.

But Saturn and Rahu are best friends, meaning that the couple were generally happy and very comfortable with each other.

The Big Revelation

Now, what we know from the Media is that on 31 January 2015 Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub.

The media and Bobby Brown, Bobbi’s father insinuated that it was Nick’s fault.

Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, Bobby Brown

On the contrary, the Science says that someone whom Bobbi considered a father-figure was responsible for her being in that bathtub. 

From the media, we know that Bobby Brown stated that he had not known of that unfortunate event. That would then mean that there could possobly be someone else whom Bobbi Kristina considered as her father, or fatherly, who could give more details regarding that bathtub unfortunate event.
Why? Because Sun had just started its Purtya dasha the same month of the unfortunate event. To remember that Sun governing under Rahu/Saturn is meant to be detrimental to the owner of the Chart.

Why? Because Saturn and its best friend Rahu hate Sun. So, with Sun ruling under the government of Rahu and Saturn means that it is bound to ruin things rather than be a king that make positive changes. It will burn everything down.

To remember that from the perspective of the Science Sun represents Father, Fatherly figures, the Government, and Kings. 
Another event that we know from the media is that on 24 June 2015, Bobbi Kristina was removed from life support.

So what was happening at that time from the point of the Science?

Mars had since taken over the rulership in her chart. And similarly to the case of Sun, Mars and Rahu are mutual enemies. In regards to Saturn, Saturn hates Mars even though Mars finds Saturn neutral.

This means that in its rulership Mars was also bound to cause death and destruction, secrets, and taboo events.

To remember that Mars represents war as well. Meaning that there might have been a huge conflict within the family in making that decision to remove Bobbi Kristina from her life support. But unfortunately we don’t have this information in the media. So for now, only the science maintains this stance. In fact, per the media the family was in agreement in making this decision.

Male figures also played a big role in deciding to remove her from her life support. Why? Because of the Martian energy. To remember that Mars represents male friends, male figures in general, surgeons, and so on.



The readers analyse with ease because:

If judging the case solely on the date of her final transition, a researcher or a reader may make an error and assume that the cause of her passing was solely because of Jupitarian things or peope. Why? Because by the end of her life, the ruler who had taken over under the guidance of Saturn was in fact Jupiter, and no longer Rahu. 

Saturn couldn’t dampen Jupiter’s positivity with its depression, but Jupiter couldn’t comfort Saturn because: to remember that these two planets are neautral to each other. No effect against or towards each other when they come into contact. One focus on his discipline, hard work, and punishing the owner of the chart. While the other sings its positive songs, posts its motivation quotes, teach, and spread positivity.

Rahu had stepped down after all the unfortunate events happened. It stepped down on 19 July 2015, after having had caused chaos since September 2012.
Jupiter became a Minister of her planetary world on 19 July 2015, and she transitioned on 26 July 2015. Jupiter is a positive planet generally, and rarely causes any mishaps in people’s lives.

But what happens when a mentor, a teacher, a motivator is itself broken and agitated? 
In this case, Jupiter being the co-ruler of Pisces was 6 places away from its home. Pisces energy also represents the spiritual world. The other side. The 6th house represents enemies, sicknesses, conflict, and problems.

In a perfect world, the arrival of Jupiter in this position would reverse the ill-health to good health. Lessen the conflicts. And disperse the enemies. 


A crucial point to consider is that in her birth chart, her Jupiter sits in Virgo energy. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo finds Jupiter neutral; but the big deal is that Jupiter hates Mercury. Meaning that when Jupiter sits in a house owned by Mercury, it can’t give its positive effects in an effective way that would protect the person. Jupiter becomes the wounded and unmotivated motivator.

In the end, as we can see from the Science, Jupiter really couldn’t save Bobbi Kristina from the chaos caused during the Rahu Antardasha in her life, and most of all, the Saturn Mahadasha.

Bobbi Kristina

[Up next… Investigating Whitney Houston’s death — Bobbi Kristina’s mother]

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