Investigating the Death of Whitney Houston

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

We all remember when the news hit us — announcing the untimely passing of the legendary Whitney Houston. We also learnt that she had allergedly “drowned in a bathtub while fully intoxicated under the influence of drugs.”

Then, in April of 2012 the ABC network, along with some few others, reported that there were some experts who did not believe that she had drowned to her death.

ABC reported, ”  Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht said he does not fully concur with the final anatomical diagnoses on Houston, noting that the water in her tub at the Beverly Hilton was extremely hot at 93.5 degrees. He believes this indicates that Houston was not sitting in her tub, and somehow accidentally drowned.
“I think that she fell into this very hot water, that accounts for a little bruise that was seen in the left forehead area, some other pressure markings on the face, including the slight laceration of the lip, and the fact that she is lying face down,” Wecht told ABC News. “I think that this lady fell into the water, she was unconscious, dead or dying when she fell into the tub.
“I do not believe that the death was due to drowning,” he added, “although I cannot rule out that she could’ve been in the agonal moments and with her head submerged in water that certainly could have contributed to her death.” “

The Vedic Report

The contradiction of this nature can indicate that there might had been a possible stone that was left unturned. Which would probe some researchers, such as myself, to try and fill-in the gaps.

Today employing my academic research expertise, I dive in this research using unorthodox sciences …trying to figure out the alignment of the planets at the time of her passing. To be exact, the research follows the science of vedic astrology. With this research approach, I gather knowledge from astrologers and use their science against or in comparison to known facts, true life events, and/or public knowledge.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.

The Unsuprising Beauty

First of all, before we focus on the sombre side of Whitney Houston’s life, I must say that from a vedic point of view, it’s clear how or why Whitney had one of the most strongest voices in the world. Her House of Speech hosts planet Jupiter. Jupiter in vedic is known as a planet that magnifies and multiplies whatever it touches. It expands the world in which it sits. To put the cherry on top, Jupiter sits in its own House of Pisces, giving her a state of extra ordinary comfort in her voice, self-expression, creativity, spirituality, and compassion.

The Investigation: Facts

Date of Transition: 11 February 2012 Published Date of Birth: 8 August 1963.
Assumptions: The research assumes that the key dates are true.
Research question: was the contradiction worth an ear?

House Placements on 11 February 2012, date of death

Whitney Houston was ruled by Rahu and Saturn. These planets are best friends in this science world. Meaning that their energies work well together.


On this unfortunate day, Saturn was in a comfortable position, 10 places away from its natal placement. It was also 9 and 10 places away from its ruling houses. The number 10 is very special to the honourable elder Saturn. As such, it’s one of the three crucial aspects that it has from any position it occupies. It was also in a good state as it was in its friend’s house. It was also receiving a nonthreatening aspect from Jupiter. Technically, Saturn had nothing to do with the death of Whitney Houston.

Saturn in the physical life represents elders, people of authority, or people who give out punishment.

What about the co-ruler, Rahu?
It turns out that Rahu was the most critical coruler of her physique. It was the main one responsible for the transition of her physical body. How? Let’s see.


Rahu was 6 places away from its natal position. The 6th positions from a planet represents enemies to that planet. Rahu being the ruler of her physical body means that it led her physical body to be placed directly in an environment of her enemies. Or in an environment that had her enemies. We also see that Rahu here was placed not only in a 6th house from itself; but in a house that was owned by its best enemy, Mars. We also know that the Nakshatra lord of Rahu is, infact, Mars. 

So, Imagine being enemies with the lord of your being, and then go stay at the his house for more than 2 years. (That’s how long Rahu stays in each house.) Mars, being the lord and an enemy at the same time had an amplified energy over the destiny of Rahu. 

* Mars

As we have discussed in the previous episodes, Mars, amongst other things, represents males, male friends, soldiers, police, investigators, spies, assassins, witch-doctors, and surgeons.

Mars, shockingly enough, was directly opposite the Ascendant at the time of Whitney’s death. According to vedic astrology scientists, the Ascendant represents a human physical body, the appearance, and the personality.

Now, having Mars facing directly in the face of the body’s co-ruler, Rahu, could only result in a deadly war. To remember: Mars is the lord of violent Deaths. 

But, another interesting factor is that Mars, representing male friends, or male figures was also sitting in a house of partnership and serious relationships at this time. Meaning that a person who could have been male, lover, and/or a business partner, had a deep hand towards Whitney’s transition.

Mars at this unfortunate time was extremely powerful too. Why? Because it was sitting in a house of his best friend Sun. Receiving power, ego, and vitality from its position. Alluding to that the person who could have “given her the state of her transition” was also full of confidence and ego at the time. 

Her Planetary World

The owner responsible for looking after her body and protecting it had left to stay at the enemy’s house. It did not leave the house empty though. We know that at this time, there was Neptune, Mercury and Chiron in the ascendant.

* Mercury

Mercury couldn’t have protected the body because Mercury and Rahu are just acquaintances. Meaning that Mercury wouldn’t be propelled to defend Rahu’s territory. To top this off, Mercury sees Mars as an acquaintance. Thus, Mercury couldn’t have sensed any harm from Mars. But on the hand, Mars cannot stand Mercury at all. It hates Mercury. Thereby giving Mars another reason to be agitated sitting directly opposite the Ascendant.


Chiron is not recognised yet by vedic scientists. But what we know from tropical scientists is that this asteroid represents both physical and internal hurts. Now, when it is transiting over the physical body, it is bound to revoke physical pain. Ironically, Whitney Houston was born with Chiron in her Ascendant, alluding that there could have been physically or appearance related wounds that we never got to know about.


Finally, Neptune couldn’t have done much to protect her. Because Neptune is a planet of sleep. There’ll always be a sense of a rose-coloured vision when it’s involved. Alluding to the fact that Whitney couldn’t have seen the other male figure (Mars) as the enemy that he was. Thus, putting herself in a state of “sleep” regarding this Martian being.


We have answered the research question. We have seen why there were suspicions and contradicting opinions. We have analysed the science in tandem with the True Life Events that we all know of.

Disclaimer: as always this content is for research purposes only. I do these analyses in an effort to compare and contrast real life events to the theory and science of vedic Astrology.

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