Investigating the Death of Kobe Bryant

Investigation analysis based on unorthodox sciences.

Kobe Bryant. Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant. He was a well-liked athlete. He was also very assertive, very focused. But then something happened …his shocking transition transpired on the 26th of January 2020.

At this point, we are all aware that it was due to a plane crash. Unfortunately, his daughter, Gigi, also passed away in the same accident.

Currently there are legal proceedings that Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife, has initiated against the County. The BNC.TV reports, “Vanessa Bryant is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence, alleging employees shared photos of the human remains of her husband and daughter, who died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.”

We also know that Vanessa Bryant sued the helicopter company for the death of her husband Kobe, and her child, Gigi. USA Today reports, “Vanessa Bryant settles wrongful death lawsuit vs. helicopter company, pilot’s estate.”

Like in many deaths, there was some sort of controversies relating to his transition. Meaning that there was someone blamed or accused of being fully or partially responsible for it. So then, our research question in today’s case is, ” was the helicopter company or someone else fully or partially responsible for Kobe’s passing?”

Assumptions: this research assumes that the dates of birth and death are true.
Subjectivity: the time used is said to have been rectified by a astro scientist due to it being not publicly known.

  • Investigation: Facts
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1973
  • Date of death: 26 January 2020
  • Cause of death: Plane crash

The Best Revelations

Sometimes people wonder why celebrities or highly successful people receive such glorious status in life. People ask, “why him; why her?”

Kobe Bryant was born in the most golden time for any person to be born. At the time of his birth the president of his planetary world was the magician Rahu. The minister was the highly respected mentor and teacher Jupiter. And the best part is that Jupiter was also the mayor. Jupiter and Rahu are best friends. This friendship denotes that the energies were high and positive when he was born. Ladies and gentlemen, Kobe Bryant was meant to have all the glory and honour that he’s received in his lifetime.

We also see that his Sun, the Ego, the Soul, was in its home, in Leo. Meaning that it was in its highest comfort. Giving him ultra vitality and energy.

Another interesting aspect is that his Mars was also positioned in Aries, its own house, at the time of his birth. To remember: Mars is responsible for athlestism. In this extra comfort, Mars was bound to adorn Kobe with ultra, super athleticism. 

It was all written at the beginning of his life. He was born to be an Icon.

But today, we’re gathering on this case analysis to uncover his sad ending. Let’s begin.

Planetary World at the Time of Death

There was a lot of sinister movements in his planetary world at this time. These were the type of movements that he couldn’t have escaped even if he wanted to. Why? Let’s see.


His Ascendant ruled by the highly respected Jupiter was in fact occupied by Jupiter itself. For what the scientists tell us, we would expect that nothing bad would harm his Body when the ruler of the Body is on it. Right? 
We also remember that vedic scientists tell us that whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. It is still unclear to me, as a researcher, if Jupiter expands negativity too. But, the expansion part is actually irrelevant in this case. Why? 

At the time of his birth, Kobe’s jupiter sat in the 2nd House. 2nd House in vedic represents, amongst other things, properties, material possessions, money, and values. Jupiter sitting here would have meant that it expanded all of these things, which it did. As we all witnessed.

But, Jupiter being in the 1st House, on the Ascendant, at the time of his death means that Jupiter had travelled 12 places away from its position. Vedic scientists emphasise that any planet travelling 12 places away from itself means the loss or death of that planet. Now, Jupiter ruled the physical body of Kobe. Therefore, travelling 12 places away from its natal position resulted in the loss or death of his Body. Which is what happened as we know it.


Mars was one of the most strongest in Kobe’s chart. A planet that was responsible for all of his success in Athletics. Why? Because it was placed on the 5th house at the time of his birth. The 5th house, amongst other things, represents our talents, creations, and children. We know that his talent was undisputable. We also know that he was blessed with beautiful four children. 

Then why couldn’t the soldier Mars save him from this ending? Let’s see.

Mars was in the 12th House on this unfortunate day. 12th House, amongst other things represents our death bed, isolation, death, losses, and foreign places. But the surprising factor is that it so happens that this House is owned by Mars. Mars, the king of violent deaths, was in his own house of death. Comfortable and wellrested. 

We also see that Mars had travelled 8 places away from its place of birth. The number 8 is very special to Mars as it is one of its best aspects. An 8th place of a planet away from its natal position represents sudden changes, Transformations, and death of that planet, which is often accompanied by a rebirth.
In all ways and positions, unfortunately Mars was in a state and mood of a death theme. 
Mars is also the king of accidents. Being the king of accidents, in a house of death, in a positions of deadly accidents couldn’t have resulted in any other way.


Kobe’s sun was bright and extraordinarily powerful due to its natal position. So, why couldn’t it have kept his soul in the body at this time and save him? Let’s see.

On this day, we can see that his Sun was in the second house. In fact, it was in a good position for making lots of money. But, we also see that it had travelled 6 places away from its birth position. To remember: the 6th place from a birth position represents enemies, sickness, obstacles, litigation, and the disturbance or routine relating to that planet. But this part was irrelevant regarding his ending. 

However, what we see is that Sun came in and rested at a place owned by his archenemy, Saturn. To top it off, saturn was also in the same house, highly empowered. This gave no chance to the survival of Sun. But what about Sun’s BFF, Moon? Let’s see.


Unfortunately, Moon was also in a dire position, totally uncomfortable. Moon was 9 places away from birth house, which could have been great for his mind. To remember: Moon also represents our mind and mother. The unfortunate part was that moon was sitting in a house owned by its enemy Saturn.
Moon and Sun couldn’t have been saved by their powerful best friend, Mars. Because Mars was in its comfort zone of death. In fact, Mars didn’t have any aspects to his friends at all.

The Deciding Axis

There was another big and critical factor happening on this day in Kobe’s planetary world; that is, the axis of Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu, archenemies to each other, had exchanged homes. Ketu was with Jupiter in the 1st house, the Body, the Ascendant. And Rahu being in the 7th House of marriage, partnership, and other people.

To remember: Ketu is a violent ‘planet’. Infact, Ketu is like Mars when it comes to many things, including accidents and violence. The difference is that Mars does it knowingly, whereas Ketu does it fatefully, without intention. Ketu does it because it’s your fate. 
Ketu is also responsible for total detachment. A complete state of letting go. Ketu will force you to let go of, or be detached from, the things related to any House that it is in. 
Now, being in the Body, it caused a separation of Kobe from it. But because Ketu sits directly opposite the House of marriage or partnership, it also caused detachment from them too.

Ketu in vedic astrology is also known to be responsible for technology ot tech-related things, such would be in the case of a helicopter. Indicating that there was a failure to the Technology. 

But why? Why would Ketu be problematic in this way whereas it was with Jupiter, with whom it is neautral…. Also sitting in Jupiter’s house? Also aspecting a house owned by Mercury, another neautral acquaintance. 
Well, the answer is that Ketu will always be irritated by Rahu, which is always sitting opposite. And Ketu will always act without thought towards its aim of detaching the person from the environment of the House it’s in.

But another factor to consider is that it is Mercury that’s responsible for transportation. In fact, Mercury was at an okay  place …with Saturn in Saturn’s house. But the deadly detail is that Mercury’s key aspect was directly towards the 8th house of sudden events, death, and accidents.


Our research question:  “was the helicopter company or someone else fully or partially responsible for Kobe’s passing?” seems to have been answered through this analysis.
What we have discovered is that according to the science, the planets were fully aligned for this sad transition. 

Disclaimer: This investigation is completed for research purposes only — with the aim to compare vedic science with or against True Life Events.
Images from Twitter.

Disclaimer: This investigation is completed for research purposes only — with the aim to compare vedic science with or against True Life Events.
Images from Twitter.

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