Investigating the Death of George Michael

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

On 7 January 2017 New Zealand Herald reported,

“Fadi, who found the 53-year-old star dead in his bed at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas morning, is due to be questioned for the second time by police in a bid to piece together the events surrounding the last week of George Michael’s life.”

We often see that in many death cases, there is an 80% chance of foul play or its suspicion. This is particularly the case in the celebrity circle.

In today’s case, I use vedic sciences to analyse the death of George Michael who is one of the greatest entertainers of his generation. The research method that’s followed in this Investigation is to compare True Life Events against or with vedic sciences. 

Assumptions: The research assumes that the date of birth and death are correct.
Research Question: provided the controversy at the time, what was likely the cause of George Michael’s death?

There were generally three allegations regarding George Michael’s death.
First allegation: George Michael’s boyfriend had something to do with his death.Second allegation: George Michael had commited suicide.Third allegation: George Michael died from natural causes, a heart failure to be specific.

Only the third allegation was medically accepted to be valid.

What does the Vedic Science Say? Let’s begin.

The Beautiful Revelation

People always wonder why certain people become super successful. Why certain celebrities become the most celebrated above their peers? 

In George Michael’s case, it is obvious why his light was brighter than those of many others. 

He was born with Rahu and Sun in his Ascendant. Meaning that these are the two ‘planets’ that added to his personality. However, the planet responsible for his Body and physical appearance is Mercury. The other two added an influence and shape with their own behaviours.

According to his chart, George Michael would have appeared as someone who was very talkative, and who had a big ego. This is how others would see himself, and maybe how he also thought of himself due to having his Sun conjunct the Ascendant.

The thing is that even though Rahu and Sun are enemies, they can work towards the same goal. Why? Rahu, because it’s a planet of illusions, is able to mimic the planet with which it sits. In mimicking it, it will even surpass the behaviour of that planet. 

In George’s case, it immensely gave him the glory of absolute royalty, and a king status.
Sun is the original ruler of talents. And Mercury is the ruler of intellectual skills. Now, Sun and Rahu being placed in Mercury means that he was not only talented, but very intelligent.

The Planetary World at the Date of Death
Considering all the allegations that we read from the Media, it is interesting to get a scientific analysis as well. Right? How were the planets aligned in his world on that sad day? Let’s see.


Sun, as a component of his personality and physique, was sitting directly in the opposite House to the Body. Giving vitality and life to the Body. Sun was in the House of marriage, spouses, partnerships. Meaning that on this day, those whom George Michael saw as partners, or a spouse were giving him vitality. Translating to his boyfriend being in a position to give George vitality.

However, generally Sun is not happy being in the 7th House, unless it’s getting good support from the House or the House Owner. 

Indeed Sun was in a friend’s house here, also sitting with a friendly acquaintance Mercury which is the owner of the Body.

Therefore, Sun and all the people it represents, such as Father, government, kings, and father-figures had nothing to do with his passing. In fact, they were in support of him. Also, any serious love or business partnership would have been of support to him at that time.


Mercury is a key planet to examine, being the main responsible planet for the Body (the Ascendant). On that fateful day, Mercury was in an opposite direction to the Body, facing the Body, giving it protection. 

Mercury was also with his friend Sun, feeling super good, and revived. Mercury felt at ease being in this House owned by Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter hates Mercury, but Mercury is oblivious to that hatred because it considers Mercury as a neutral planet. 

The Big Question would then be why did George Michael exit his Body, if the owner of the Body was protecting it? Here’s why.
Mercury in this position was 8 places away from it’s birth residency. Yes, it owns the body, but was not born staying in it. (It rented it out to Rahu and Sun). So, being 8 places away from the natal position — for any planet — results in the sudden changes, transformations, accidents, misfortunes, and the death of that planet …if we’re considering the unfortunate events of it.

Although Mercury was generally with a good company of friends, looking at his possession, the Body, it was quickly losing life because of the 8th place rule.


Generally, what we see is that Rahu, the magician and the planet of lies was the one that had the highest influence towards his sad transition. 

As we have seen that Rahu was in George’s Body at birth, contributing to his physical structure and personality, making him appear edgy and different.

It so happened that during this particular day, Rahu was in full rulership of everything else in his life. It was in charge of making the Constitution, the laws, the regulations, the policies, and the moral code.

Rahu was the President, the Minister, and the Mayor all at the same time. Meaning that, in vedic terms, George Michael was running his Rahu Mahadasha, his Rahu Antardasha, and his Rahu Antara. 

Rahu, also running everything at this time put a major negative impact on the Body. Why? Because at the time of birth, George’s Rahu was with Sun, an enemy to Rahu. That birth impact lingers on even if the planets move around and change houses. It’s like being born into a home where you’re always fighting with a certain sibling. The effects of that broken relationship will always affect you regardless of which apartment you move into next. 

Another factor would be that Mercury is best friends with Sun while remaining neautral with Rahu. Meaning that Mercury would support Sun and never Rahu.

Now, with Rahu having so much influence over his life at this time, we need to take the scalpel and open the wound deeper to see the underlying issue relating to this ‘planet’. We need to do an endoscopy of the environment and health of Rahu at the time od death. 

Why did Rahu cause the exit of George Michael’s body? 

What we find is that Rahu was in a critical and a deadly position at this time. How so, let’s see.

Rahu was sitting in Sun’s House, its enemy, being burnt out. Rahu was also sitting opposite it’s enemy number 1, Ketu, being agitated. Rahu was sitting opposite Mars too, its enemy. Rahu was sitting opposite Chiron, the king of pain. Lastly, Rahu was placed opposite the mother of confusion and unclarity, Neptune. The other planets all sat in Saturn’s home, but without him.


Imagine staying at an enemy’s home; your enemy places every deadly object in a position to harm you. Maybe your enemy also cuts off hot water and electricity just to make sure that you have the worst stay possible. Maybe your enemy does even the worst to ensure that you don’t come out alive.

At the same time, right in front of this disastrous house is your best friend’s home. But seeing your best friend’s home, opposite, doesn’t give you comfort either. Why? Simply because your best friend has gone somewhere else. Instead, he has rented out his home to two of your best enemies, who are staying with other two dangerous beings. 

So, every single second, these guys make you feel the worst that life can possibly offer. Adding trauma to your living situation. Can you survive? Will you? 

Well, only by Grace. But the planet of Grace, Jupiter, was no where in the vicinity at the time. 


In fact, Jupiter, the saving planet was itself in a compromised position, in Mercury’s home, agitated. To remember: Jupiter doesn’t like Mercury at all. Even though, in perspective, Mercury has no problem with Jupiter.

Ketu, Neptune, Mars, Chiron

These four planets were opposite Rahu. They were the ones dictating how well Rahu would run his presidency, Ministry, and Mayorship. All unfriendly to Rahu. All with contradicting agendas in one way or the other to Rahu. 

Ketu, a planet of violence, total detachment, and separation. Neptune, a planet of the other dimensions, a spiritual planet, but also one responsible for addictions such as drugs. Actually, Neptune and Rahu can be similar when it comes to bad behaviours such as being a liar or an addict. But, the difference is that Neptune is almost five times slower that Rahu. Neptune also has an element of spirituality which Rahu lacks. Then there’s Mars, the king of death, a planet of blood, secrecy, assassination, surgery, and action.

And lastly, Chiron a planet responsible for exposing and digging deep in all the wounds that a human can possibly have. Chiron represents pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional. It’s just pain. But, it’s pain that is asking to be healed or to be given attention. 

Allegations versus Findings

First allegation: George Michael’s boyfriend had something to do with his death.
This is clear why the boyfriend would come up in the allegations.

If we examine Rahu in solitude, we can examine the position of the other planets aspecting it. Remembering that Mars represents our male friends, and it being in 7 places away from Rahu, it represents marriage and serious relationships. We know that serious relationships for George were with males. Also, we must remember that Mars represents violence, just like Ketu.

Therefore, Mars and Ketu, both representing violence and in a position of spouses or serious partners, would of course have people pointing fingers at George’s boyfriend at the time. 

Yet, because we have Neptune together with these planets of violence, there would be lots of unclarity. Because that’s what Neptune does. Neptune puts a layer of rose-coloured glasses on the matters of the House it sits in. It brings a lot of doubt. It can make a killer look like a saint, and a saint look like a killer. 
Also, considering the fact that Neptune and Ketu behave the same when it comes to confusing details, it would mean that the unclarity regarding the role of George’s partner was the ultimate outcome. 

Second allegation: George Michael commited suicide.

To see this factor we would have to look at the owner of the Body, Mercury. We have seen that Mercury was in an compromised position. Also, in a position of secrecy. Vedic scientists have stated that Ketu is the number one planet that’s responsible for suicide.

Ketu did in fact have a 5th aspect on the Body. But its aspect to the Body owned by Mercury wouldn’t have any impact because Mercury and Ketu are neutral to each other. They neither love not hate each other. There were also no other direct aspects between the two.

But, neautrality doesn’t stop Ketu from doing its job, which is to cause total seperation in the House it’s in, or that which it aspects. 
There is no indication that George Michael would have killed himself intentionally. Therefore, scientifically we could rule this one out.

Third allegation: George Michael died from natural causes, a heart failure to be specific.

To be able to evaluate the third allegation, we need to know which planet or Houses represent the heart in vedic sciences.
According to vedic scientists, Mercury which owned George’s body, controls the nervous system in human beings.

Mars charges the blood flow and pressure. Saturn on the other hand puts a stop in the blood flow. Ketu represents the sudden attacks or stoppage of the blood flow or the heart. And Rahu is the irregularities happening to the blood flow or heart. Moon is the heart, Sun is the life running through it, the Soul. 

Now that we know in biological terms, let’s examine closely if there was a possibility of a heart attack.


Moon was four places away from its natal position. This indicates that it should have been comfortable, feeling “at home”. George’s heart should have been at ease. But then what happened? 

The moon being in this House was in fact at a House owned by Venus. Venus hates Moon. Venus in vedic sciences represents, amongst other things, pleasures, beauty, cosmetics, and women. Moon, (George’s heart) was in the home of Venus (pleasures) when it stopped. 

Unfortunately, we have seen it too many times where good things end up harming people.


Sun is the soul, the life, and the vitality of an individual. It is the core of the heart itself. As we already analysed, Sun was happy. Meaning that the state of the heart was in enjoyment at the time of his passing.


Mars is responsible for the overall health of George. It is responsible for his House of health, routine, and diet. On this day, it was not in a comfortable position. Mars also represents action and blood that is flowing fast or heavily. But Mars was not in full effect. Why? Because Mars was in a House owned by Saturn (the planet of limitations and restrictions.) Saturn hates Mars. Meaning that the flow of blood from George’s heart was being cut off, or being restricted by Saturn. 


Rahu being a planet of irregular activities would indicate an irregular blood flow or irregularities in the heart. We already examined in detail and discovered that indeed Rahu was under dire stress at the time of George’s passing. Meaning that all irregularities associated with his nervous system were affected. Why? Because Rahu formed a part in the physical form of George due to its position at birth. 


In this case, Ketu represents the sudden attack to the heart. Ketu is the planet of attacks (violence). And it is clear how it would cause the sudden heart attack. Why? Because Ketu, a planet with no direction, was with Mars and Neptune. Mars is a fast moving planet, but  Neptune is an ultra slow moving planet. 

The tipping part was that all these action oriented planets were in a House of Saturn: a House of restrictions, stops, and limitation. 


Chiron is a planet that represents pain. It would indicate that George was feeling some pain at the time of his passing. To see what type of pain he was feeling would require a deeper analysis on a separate case study.

Let’s now use an experiment to answer to our research question: Provided the controversy around that time, what was likely the cause of George Michael’s death?


Step 1: Place Ketu in. Ketu is pacing up and down, attacking everything on its vicinity. And it is without direction. 

Step 2: Mars joins in with its fast pace. It doesn’t influence the direction because Mars is directionless too. But it adds an element of speed and pressure. Resulting in a fast directionless movement of both Mars and Ketu. They harmonise each other, so they will move towards the same position at any direction they find themselves. 

Step 3: Add Chiron. Add a disturbance of your choice to make the experiment painful to the observer.

Step 4: Now add Neptune to the equation. Neptune is a very slow moving planet. It is approximately 64 times slower than Mars. 
This will result in a huge disruption of the movements of both Ketu and Mars. It will disrupt the motion. It will bring confusion to the experiment because it puts a shadow over the real speed and influence of Mars and Ketu. Because all of a sudden, everything is in super slow motion, causing distortion to the real movements. It is also causing all three planets to move like zombies.

The problem is that Mars and Ketu would be highly damaged due to the counteracting energy.

Overall Setup of the Experiment

On top of the disruptions to the planets, bear in mind that the field from which the experiment takes place has restricting obstacles. Ropes to skip, holes to be aware of, traffic lights, cages, ice to break, etc. (All representing the limitations Saturn imposes since the field of the experiment is his House.)

The result of the Experiment
Definitely a deadly accident is bound to happen. The experiment will fail. 
With this experiment and the explanation of planets on this date, it is easy to see why the doctors would say that it was because of a heart attack. In fact, all signs point to a heart stopping regardless.

But, we have also discovered that there were other underlying factors that happened before the heart attack. Such as the venusian or “pleasure” state that he was in at the time.

Disclaimer: This Investigation os for research purposes only. The aim is to compare or contrast True Life Events with vedic sciences.
Images from Twitter.

Disclaimer: This Investigation is for research purposes only. The aim is to compare with or contrast True Life Events against vedic sciences.
Images from Twitter users.

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