Investigating the Death of Paul Walker

Investigations Based on Unorthodox Sciences

Paul Walker was a very liked celebrity. People did not only enjoy his status, but also his reported humility.

Then, on 30 November we all read the news about his passing. We read that it was due to a car accident. 

However, like in many cases within the celebrity circle, there was a suspicion of foul play. 

On 6 April 2016 The Guardian reported that,

“Porsche was not to blame for the high-speed crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul Walker and his friend and driver Roger Rodas, a California court has ruled. US district judge Philip S Gutierrez said Kristine Rodas had failed to prove her case that the Carrera GT model being driven by her husband at the time of the fatal crash lacked vital safety features. “Plaintiff has provided no competent evidence that Rodas’s death occurred as a result of any wrongdoing on the part of defendant,” he wrote in a judgment at the Los Angeles superior court.”

This leads us to our research question: was the vehicle the reason Paul Walker passed away? 

Investigation Facts

Date of birth: 12 September 1973

of death: 30 November 2013

Announced cause of death: car crash

Assumptions: The research assumes that the dates of Birth and Death are true.
Method: I use academic research ways to compare theories from vedic sciences and/or scientists to True Life Events such as this unfortunate case. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.

The Beautiful Revelation

Some people have probably wondered why Paul Walker had to have it all. The super celebrity status, the looks, and the drive.

Why? Here’s why.


At his birth, Paul Walker had one of the most beautiful charts ever. He was born with a Leo Ascendant. Meaning that when people looked at him, they’d see a “royal being”, a lion, a high governed being, a reserved individual until it was necessary to show his roar. This appearance was super special because it was also enhanced by the fact that Sun was also sitting in it. Sun was sitting in its House, or rather, in its palace.

To remember: the Ascendant represents our body, physical appearance, and personality.
In Paul’s case, it also means that he was shining from afar. Just imagine the glow the sun has on anything it touches… Yes, so was his presence. Glowy, full of life, and full of vitality. In this position of Sun, Paul would have “brightened up” people’s day when encountering them. 

Sun was not the only planet sitting in its own House. Paul Walker also had Venus sitting in its own House, giving him the greatest Venusian objects, a balanced approach to dealing with neighbours and younger siblings, and a balanced communication. Venus is a planet of beauty, pleasure, comforts, women in general, and the Arts. 

The third planet that was sitting in its own house, powerful, was the soldier Mars. In Paul’s chart, Mars is in its highest power ever. Meaning that it gave Paul drive, action, and passion towards any goal that he wanted. 

However what is evident according to his chart is that Paul might have received negative and cold treatment from his friendship and network circle. Why? Because there are major obstacles in the House of friendship groups, network circles, and older siblings in his chart. The chart in this House has the punisher Saturn and the seperator Ketu together.

Both planets are extremely serious. They do not entertain fun times nor materialistic stuff. 

In fact, this position also indicates that Paul Walker had only a few close friends in his life. 
Saturn limits, restricts, and isolate the subjects of the place it sits in. Similarly, Ketu separates, isolates, and enforces letting go of any subjects it sits in. 

Because, in perspective, this sombre placement is taking place in the House of gains and profits. Thus, it also indicates that Paul Walker donated some of his gains and profits to others.

But generally, Paul Walker was blessed above and beyond. The planets had magnificently aligned when he was born.

But with all the good things that life gives, it also comes back to remove the Body from them. So, today we need to analyse what the science says happened on that sad day. Let’s see.

Paul’s Planetary World on the day of Death

We have seen that Sun was the owner of Paul’s Body. Therefore, now we need to analyse what was happening to it on this subject day. What we see is that Sun was 4 places away from its place. This position gives it a sense of “home”. Sun’s demeanor was also positive on this day because it was resting in a House owned by its great friend, Mars. 


Mars was in a great place in support to Sun. Mars was 11 places away from Sun, representing gains and wishes. And it was also in the 2nd House to the Ascendant, again representing material possessions and wealth.

But Mars was weakened because it was placed in one of the two Houses owned by Mercury. Mars dislikes Mercury. Mars find Mercury disturbing.

Consequently, Mars couldn’t fight for its friend, Sun, due to this compromised position. Instead, it played a role in escalating the accident unintentionally.

Mars represents male friends, males in general, warriors, surgeons, and so on. We have seen from Media that Paul Walker was with his friend at the time of death. The friend couldn’t protect neither himself nor Paul. So much as the Science is alluding.

So then what caused Sun (the Body) to shut down? Why did Paul exit it?

For this part, we need need to dive in and follow the critical points regarding the life of Sun on this day. We have to see what was happening in the 8th place from Sun from its position. Why? Because 8 places away from a planet represents its sudden changes, transformation, death, rebirth, secrecy, and so on. Most importantly to this case, it also represents accidents because its original owner (8th House) is Mars. Mars is king of accidental or violent deaths.  

Now, when we count and get to the 8th place from Sun, we find that Jupiter is the one sitting here. Jupiter is best friends with Sun. Jupiter, being a representative of Grace and positivity should have been able to stop any accidents or deaths relating to accidents. Sun (the Body) shouldn’t have been in that predicament. 


Why then did Jupiter fail to protect Sun? 
Jupiter was actually not in a good mood on this day. The preacher of positivity was feeling down and agitated. Why? Because it was sitting in Mercury’s House. Jupiter hates Mercury even though Mercury considers Jupiter as neautral. To top it off, Jupiter had a direct 5th aspect to Mercury. All in all, Jupiter was heavily distracted on this day. 

But even so, with Jupiter distracted, the House of Mercury shouldn’t be that harmful to Sun because Mercury considers Sun as its friend. (Even though Sun doesn’t feel the same.) Sun considers Mercury as neautral …just an acquaintance. 

When looking at the Body in correlation to the 8th place, the science fails to heavily justify the death.

So then, the next step is to further go down the line. We now have to examine the 12th place from Sun. To remember: 12 places away from a planet represents its death, foreign places, isolation, hospitalisation, and many more. 

But vedic scientists claim that 12 places and 8th places (or Houses) are of the same nature. The difference is that in the 8th House, these changes happen suddenly, whereas in the 12th House, they are gradual and long-term or permanent. 

In a case of an accident, the accident happens suddenly without planning or expectation (8 influence). Then follows the hospitalisation, imprisonment, or burial (12 influence). We notice that there is some planning that happens when life deals the person its 12 impact.

But the judge ruled that the accident was not caused by any failure in planning for the safety of the car. Yet, the science says this was not just a ‘sudden’ car accident. 
As a result, we are propelled to find the reason that could connect 8 influence to the 12 outcome.

12th place away from Sun

What we actually find in the 12th place away from Sun (the Body) is alarming. We actually find in this House not one but two of Sun’s best enemies. Saturn is here. Rahu is here. There’s also Moon, which is best friends with Sun.

And sadly, we also find Mercury sitting in this House. We find the owner of the subject 8 place sitting in the death bed of Paul’s Body.
Moon, even though is best friends with Sun, couldn’t have helped even if it wanted to. Why? Because all the three planets it was sitting with hated it with passion. Moon (Mind, heart) was weakened by being with these planets.

Mercury: Critical Point 

We see that Mercury was sitting with Saturn, Rahu, and Moon. Right! Mercury sees Rahu and Saturn as acquaintances. It was comfortable being with them. But, Mercury hates Moon. Meaning that it was unhappy with Moon being here. Even though to Moon, Mercury is an acquaintance.

To remember: Saturn represents restrictions. Rahu represents illusion, foreign things, and exaggerations. Mercury, amongst other things, represents transportation. 

Key words: mercury = transportation.
We now know that Mercury (transportation and short trips) was at the deathbed of Paul’s Body. Next, we need to look at it closely. 
We already know that Mercury is the owner of the 8th place away from Sun. But now we also know that it was at the deathbed with Sun’s enemies, in the 12th position. But the most critical part is that Mercury was in the house of Venus. Venus is another mutual enemy of Sun.

The deathbed being Venus: pleasures, material possessions, and beauty, could indicate that Paul was having a really good time, enjoying the driving in that car, or having generally a good day. We also see that his mind (Moon) was submerged in that Venus as well. 

There is also another key point to this accident. 


Ketu is concerned about seperation, detachment, and letting go. It will enforce this mission whether a person likes it or not. On that fateful day, Ketu sat directly in an opposite direction to Mercury, Moon, Saturn, and Rahu. Facing them and influencing their every move. Ketu was in the 9th House of the chart.

Generally as per vedic scientists, the Rule is that when Ketu visits the 9th House, the person is bound to go to foreign places or to take spiritual voyages. In this case, Ketu sent Paul Walker to the other dimensions.

Ketu will use violence if it wants. It will also attack its opposing planets thoughtlessly. It was facing Moon in this position which is a mutual enemy. It was facing Rahu which is a mutual enemy. And notably, it was also facing Saturn, another mutual enemy. 


Let’s now use a scenario to answer to our research question: was the vehicle the reason Paul Walker passed away? 

We know that Ketu represents many things. Among those, Ketu is also responsible for the latest technology or machines. Now, we have learnt from the Media that Paul was driving a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Which is a car with high tech aspects. 

In an explanation: the Car (Ketu) was opposed by restrictions (Saturn). The car was influenced by foreignism by being a German car or a sports car, etc. (Rahu). The Car was opposed by exaggerations/strangeness (Rahu) maybe in the form of speed, setup, etc. The Car (Ketu) was opposed or influenced by short travels / transportation (Mercury).

Ketu was also in the 6th position from Sun (the Body). To remember: the 6th place from a planet represents enemies, obstacles, problems, daily routine, and general health to that specific planet. Now Ketu being on the 9th house would result in Ketu separating Paul Walker from luck, father, government association, positive foreign journeys, and mentors. The 9th House represents these things. (Caution: To not confuse 6th place with 6th House.)

Disclaimer: This Investigation is performed for research purposes only. The aim is to compare or contrast Vedic Theoretical Science, or the views of vedic scientists, to True Life Events. 
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