Investigating the Death of Aaliyah

Using Unorthodox Sciences to Investigate True Life Events.

On 21 August 2021 the Daily Beast reported that;

” In the years since, there have been few explanations for why the plane was ever allowed off the ground in the first place. Arguments had broken out between Aaliyah’s entourage and the pilot over the plane being overweight. After the crash, it was quickly confirmed that the small twin-engine plane exceeded its maximum weight limit by several hundred pounds. Plus, the weight was not evenly distributed, which would have made the plane harder to control once it got into the air. The last significant update came in 2002, when a toxicology report found that the inexperienced pilot had cocaine and alcohol in his system.”

There were many allegations made at the time of Aaliyah’s death; most which pointed the finger at the pilot who had ignored some of the aviation rules, as they claimed.
This controversy leads us to our research question: was the pilot to blame, or did the plane have underlying issues already? 

Investigation Facts

Date of birth: 16 January 1979

Announced date of death: 25 August 2001

Alleged cause of death: Plane crash

The Beautiful Revelation 

Why was Aaliyah the chosen one? Why did she have one of the most angelic voices ever? Why did she have all the stardom? Well, it’s not by luck. It’s not by chance. The planets had aligned to award her with her extra ordinary talents. How so, Let’s see.
She was born with a Capricorn Ascendant. Meaning that the public viewed her as a hardworking and practical individual. Because Saturn owns Capricorn.

By the way, her personality was mixed with the influences of Sun and Mars that sat on the Ascendant (Body) at birth. Mars and Sun are best friends. The soldier and the king work very well together. They get the job done as quickly and swiftly as possible. They move fast. They are hot, literally. Where they touch, they leave a huge mark. Therefore, on whomever’s body they sit, they will make that individual outstanding in all forms.

Such a combination means that when it came to her, the sad parts of Saturn such as depression and loneliness were not visible to the general public. Why? Because they were hidden by the energy of Mars: action and passion. And that of Sun: royal and and full of vitality.

So, with the energies of these three planets in her Body, means that she had a work ethic that was hard to be competed with. To top it off, these energies were being influenced by Jupiter. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Meaning that whatever Aaliyah did, she was able to then outdo herself and others. She also had the talent that was difficult to hide. A star born to be a star indeed. 

There is an interesting factor about her love life which is clearly evident from her chart. But we leave that part for a Love related Series. 

Her Planetary World on the Day of Death

On this subject date we see that there was an alarming movement of planets in her planetary world. But as always, the first planet that we have to see is the one responsible for her Boy. That is Saturn in this case. 


Saturn was in a comfortable position on  this day. Saturn was relaxing at the home of its best friend Venus. Having the best pleasures that venus can give. It was away from its normal serious and depressive state. It was also 10 places away from its residency, being in an empowered position. Why? Because the number 10 is spiritual to Saturn. 
Alright. So then, if the Body of Aaliyah was in a good mood on this day, why did the plane crash happen? Why did Aaliyah exit her body?

The Body was in a comfortable position but still having some negative vibes from Saturn’s 7th aspect. What we see is that Mars, comfortable in its own House, was setting Saturn off. Saturn hates Mars even though Mars poses no threat to it. 

However, on the 8th place from Saturn rests Ketu. Ketu and Saturn are mutual enemies. Ketu being in the 8th place to Saturn represents the death of Saturn. It also represents accidents aimed for Saturn. Therefore it is clear, Ketu would be the ultimate fall of Saturn (Body).

What we also know is that even if some accidents are orchestrated, they will all have a sudden end. The planet  that was ruling the 8th House (not to be confused with the 8th place) of sudden accidents, in this case, was Sun. 


At her birth, Aaliyah’s sun was sitting on the Body as we have seen. While sitting on the Body, it ruled all the affairs of the 8th House, of which the sombre ones are death, accidents, assassination, secrets, occults, hidden knowledge, abuse, and s*xual activities. As per the science, it indicates that wherever she took her Body, these things would follow her. And of course including the good parts of the 8th House. 

It so happened that on that day, Sun was in the 8th House and comfortable. Comfortable in the house of accidents and death. 
Usually in cases where Sun visits the 8th House, secrets get revealed. Why? Because the 8th House is like the deepest part of a huge lake.

Therefore, when there is a lamp that sits at the bottom of that lake, the world is sure to see everything that is hidden deep in that water. But the thing is that, the lamp itself cannot hide because it also gets exposed, attracting attention to itself. This position becomes extremely helpful if it’s a case where the light wants to be saved. Because it makes it easier for rescue. 

But, for the Sun to be submerged under this dense darkness limits its ability to shine to its maximum potential.

Moreover, Sun was with Mercury in this House of accidents on that day.


Generally, Mercury is responsible for transportation. meaning that its role is important in this case. Because the Body (Sun) is with transportation (Mercury) in a house of accidents. Mercury is also very happy to be with Sun because to it, Sun is a friend. Meaning that Mercury will do as Sun pleases.

Since they’re in the 8th House, we also need to see the planet originally responsible for accidents. We need to see what’s happening with Mars.


What we see is that Mars is sitting with Chiron, moon, and Pluto. The king of death and accidents is with the ruler of pain, the ruler of heart and mind, and the ruler of power struggles or conflicts. Mars is trouble sitting with trouble.

But the planet that had a final say was in fact Ketu.

In exploring Ketu’s influence, we also find a possible answer to our research question: was the pilot to blame, or did the plane have underlying issues already? 


Ketu represents technology, computers, and gadgets. And obviously a plane encompasses all of these subjects. On 25 August 20101 Ketu was places in the 12th House. A 12th House represents our deathbed. 

Disclaimer: as always, this Investigation is for research purposes only. The aim is to test the theory of vedic scientists or science against True Life Events.
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