Investigating the Wound of Michael Jackson

Wounding is a process that is caused by external forces, and of course by ourselves ….but always because of external forces. Some wounds are visible while some remain hidden.

In this Investigation, we explore Michael Jackson’s wound, as per the vedic science. We uncover the deepest aspect of his life that made him uncomfortable. In this episode, we uncover his Wound. 

Let’s dive in.

Assumptions: The research assumes that Michael Jackson’s birth time is correct.
Disclaimer: Vedic scientists do not acknowledge the role of the asteroid Chiron in our lives, only the Western scientists do. However, in my research I have discovered that the vedic theoretical explanations of how the planets affect our lives have more weight. Therefore, in my approach I analyse all planets and asteroids using the theories from the vedic science.

Who Was Michael Jackson?

Michael was an Icon, a performer, an ultra talented individual, and a humanitarian.

” 10 Reasons Michael Jackson Became The King Of Pop” — The Grammy’s, 2017.

Such headlines have been accurately declaring Michael Jackson as The King of Pop. Rightfully so, due to his unmatched stage presence and delivery. He broke into the industry at a tender age and went on to rule it until his passing. 

Who Was Michael Jackson According to Science?

Michael was born as a different individual. By different we mean in an outstanding way. Why? Simply because he is an Aquarius rising. Aquarius people are known as inventors, humanitarians, and the nonfollwers. Yet, Aquarius rising people do also get judged as “too different”, “strange”, or “weird”. 

In deed we saw these labels being adorned on Michael many a times. He was even judged for wearing a mask, which everyone on earth is now wearing.

” During his life Jackson also saw a huge amount of criticism for wearing masks and his bizarre behaviour off stage.” — Express, 2020

” The weird ways of Wacko Jacko” The Sydney Herald Morning, 2009

” Il était surnommé «Wacko Jacko» (Jacko le barjo). Michael Jackson a toujours eu un côté mystérieux. De son vivant déjà, il attisait la curiosité de par son aspect physique «différent», à cause de ses multiples interventions de chirurgie esthétique, mais aussi du fait de la vie qu’il menait à Neverland, avec son parc d’attraction et ses habitudes faisant de lui un éternel enfant.” Paris Match, 2010.

One could find such stories, and headlines in almost all languages. Sure, Michael Jackson was praised for his talent, but he was also ridiculed as a human being. Perhaps a case of a curse and a blessing.

But of course, we can see why he received these labels. The planets aligned for him to be born in an Ascendant that is associated with weirdness, so to speak. 

His Wound

The science considers the asteroid Chiron as a significator of the pain that we experience on this earth. This ‘wound’, as scientists present it, is evident as soon as childhood, with some, and as early as in infancy for the rest.

Michael Jackson’s Chiron at birth was placed in the 12th House. 

The 12th House is associated with everything that is hidden. Hidden enemies, secrets, bed pleasures, bad pleasures, cheating, isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, vivid dreams and nightmares, abuse, ‘hearing voices’, being spiritually gifted, seeing things that others can’t see. All of these are the results of this House. The good and the bad of “loneliness”.

It also represents the places that can give such experiences; such as, hospitals, prisons, living in foreign places away from one’s loved ones, cemeteries, shelters, and so on.

Wounding in Secret

Scientifically we can see that Michael Jackson was wounding in secret. In many cases, he himself could have not even known his wound. Because this is what this House does, it can also hide things from the Subject Matter. 

Surely, he had secret enemies that were harming him in secrecy.  He could have had some “visions” which he may not have told anyone about. 

We also know that, from his testimony through journalists, Michael Jackson was abused. 

” Michael Jackson’s abusive childhood – whipped with a strap, beaten and isolated” — Mirror, 2019

“With Jackson we have, uniquely, witnessed an entire life of abuse played out in front of our eyes, in which the once-adorable little boy, whose father notoriously physically abused him,…” — The Guardian, 2019

We have also seen plenty of se*ual abuse allegations regarding Michael Jackson. Why? Because as stated above, the 12th House represents bed and bad pleasures.

Usually se*ual abuse takes place in secret. This House is all about secrecy. What is also possible could be that he himself endured se*ual abuse, which of course would remain hidden from the public due to the nature of this House.

The Cause: Who or What Influenced Michael Jackson’s Wound?

The science shows us that the 12th House of all these hidden things, including Michael’s hidden pain, is influenced by two planets. That is Venus and Saturn.

The planets represent people as the scientists have discovered. They can also represent things, topics, places, body parts, and so on.

Then, if we have to start with the WHO, we get to identify the people who caused Michael pain in his life. Of course, we also know that he could have not been aware of these people as his enemies …due to the secrecy theme of the House.

Venus in vedic science represent women in general. It also represents a wife for a man. Venus also represents make-up artists, fashion designers, milk men, basically any person who works in professions relating to beauty, comfort, luxury, and pleasure.

Vedic scientists discovered that Saturn represents people of authority. Bosses in organisations, elders in communities, the Generals of our world.

 These are the two groups of people that caused harm to Michael Jackson as per the science. It is even worse because his Chiron, the Wound, was placed in a House owned by Saturn. Meaning that not only did the people of Saturn did whatever to him, they also had full control of the environment of his Wound.


Now if it could have not been people hurting him, we need to know what could have been the subject of his pain. 


Venus is pleasure as per scientists declared. All sensualities are of venus. Now, influencing the 12th House would indicate that Michael indulged in secret but pleasurable things. We also see that because of the energies of Saturn, these pleasures would have be highly controlled.

Saturn represents hard work, limitations, endurance, and practicality. In this House, it would indicate that Michael could have been drowning in hard work, drowning himself, or drowning because of other people. 
Isolation is also another theme that is represented by Saturn. Depression too.
We can also detect that even though he was always surrounded by people, he could have been feeling highly isolated and lonely. Or perhaps he himself preferred to isolate himself. 

Regardless of these, we can see that he was forever feeling isolated. 


Basically, what the Vedic Science has revealed is what we have been reading as allegations throughout Michael’s career. In deed vedic science often reveals to us what will happen, what is happening, and what has happened in our lives. It also tells us who will do it, where it will be done, and how it will be done. It does so in a tremendous way that other forms of human studies have failed to reveal.

Disclaimer: this Investigation is completed for research purposes only. The aim is to test the science against True Life Events.Images from Twitter.

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