Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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1. If you make a mistake, pause. Continue with the activity at a later stage.
2. It’s not a big deal if you wear your shoes on the wrong foot. Laugh at yourself and fix it when you’re ready.
3. Drawing on the wall, or making some mess, is not a big deal.What matters is the intention behind the action. In many cases, the intention is pure.
4. Touching dirt, or playing on the ground, isn’t a death sentence. It’s experimental and fun.Touch a bit of soil sometimes.Have a garden.
5. Eating too much on a certain occasion will not contribute to your weight gain. Enjoy the deliciousness of the food without worrying about your kilos.
6. A little blunder, even if many, will not tarnish your image. Mistakes are part of life.
7. If someone refuses to give you something, holding a grudge is useless.
8. Falling is part of life. But you must get up regardless of whether there is someone thereto pick you up or not.
9. Scratches and light wounds should not stop you from enjoying life. When people or things hurt you, have some strength to continue living your life.
10. Expensive toys are nice to have. But the most fun can bethe simple and cheap ones. Make the best of experiences out of the minimum resources that you may have.

Lessons from Toddlers

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