Nicki Minaj, Do We Have A Problem ⁉️

The Queen of Rap

Nicki Minaj: New Era is Loading… #DoWeHaveAProblem !? It looks like we have a big problem in the kingdom.

I can’t believe how many people, even some Barbs, missed the point in this record with Lil Baby. DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM !? I’m livid 🥴

By the way, we already know that #Bussin will take the same direction as #DWHAP. We heard the snippet from the Video.

So, what is the point? What is the direction in this era?

Nicki is coming back sounding like “other rappers.” That’s what I’m hearing from most of these YouTube reactors. But what most people fail to see is that Queen Nicki Minaj created these sounds all the way back to her Mixtape days. These sounds are not new to NICKI. She is the creator of these rapping styles that most people hear on the radio today.

What Nicki is doing now is taking back her sounds, and putting her stamp on them. These new rappers have been using Nicki’s old style for some time now. They did so to sound brand-new. Well, “time tick-tocking, better stick to dancing” ! 

In conclusion, Barbs, both Do We Have A Problem and Bussin are easily top 3 records. 


Do We Have A Problem by Nicki minaj & Lil Baby

P.S. If you don’t know the Old Nicki, you will be easily blinded from seeing the Vision. Buy and stream Do We Have A Problem.

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