Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This

The war between the United States/Ukraine and Russia has taught us many lessons about the science of politics. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sciences in which a political motivation can also be a personal vendetta. 

But, like I always say, political leaders are doing the best that they can to protect the interest of their countries, and themselves (where the spirit of greed has taken over). With that understanding, it is much easier to not be swayed by political ups-and-downs. In fact, all the political leaders have a beautiful understanding that they’re playing a game of politics. Meaning that they are using their best strategies to win. 

Yes, innocent people are always the casualties in these political games. And of course, there is a huge sacrifice which is usually Human Rights. Unfortunately, this is where the line of humanity is crossed.

But, this is political science. There are always sacrifices made in reaching important solutions such as gaining Freedom for the Majority. But the darker side of this science is that, in some cases: the human sacrifice, the blood shed, and the sacrifice of human rights is performed to gain power and resources. And not necessarily to help the masses. 

You know what’s ironic? The irony is that most politicians are good acquaintances in their personal lives. Yes, an opposition in the public eye but a good company behind the scenes. Why? Because it’s just how things are. 

Now, let’s get into the lessons that we have learned from the ongoing War.

Nothing is Done Overnight

All countries that are involved in this war, whether from an opposition point of view or that of an ally, have known about the possibility of this war, I’d say maybe for about 10 years now. Why? Because these are not stupid people. They’re in leadership positions because, in fact, they’re the most intelligent people in this world. To be in such a position, you have to master a few things, such as negotiation, manipulation, psychology, strategy, and networking. 

So, never ever undermine any politician. Even if they do not have Harvard degrees, their intellect is off the hook for sure.

Russia, France, United Emirates Arab, China, and others 

These countries, such as Russia and China, focus so much on their languages, and making their languages popular. It is good, but it is not placing them at a competitive level in the communication and media field. One thing that I appreciate about America is that they’re ruling the communications and media field. They have no competition. And because of this, they are able to turn any story in their favour with ease. They are in control of what the public knows. They are in control of who gets the ‘right’ communication, and at what time. 

Countries such as France and Russia are able to highly influence only their citizens. But, what is the use of trying to influence someone who is already under your control? What they need to do is to influence new minds, and gain the vote of confidence from others. It would be best to even influence the minds of their Opps, right? 

I read recently that Russia is now starting to create its own Instagram. Ref.

That’s great, Russia. But, if you’re going to deliver the platform in Russian (not in English), you will miss the opportunity of owning a piece of US’ media cake. You will not influence new minds. You will not change the narrative in your favour, and you will always be complaining about how unfair the Media is towards you. Now, you need to always remember that the US controls the Media. Do you expect the US Media to be nice towards you in times of War where the US is your Opp? Let’s be real.

France has only started catching up on using English, Bravo. Thanks to the absolutely amazing leader, President Macron. Macron is motivating the use of the English in his country because his young mind realises that to compete globally, you must be able to compete in a way that you’re influencing a global audience. 

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So, maybe the reader may ask why these countries should use English? Why should they validate the leadership of the UK? I have discussed this part in my earlier opinions. We must bear in mind that at this point in our lives, we have all evolved to the point that English has stopped being a sign of power. Yes, back in the day, the UK influenced the world by making everyone speak their language. They proved their power through the tongue. Great. 

But today the world is using the same channel of communication to influence the world back. 

Next time, when the US releases an Instagram, these countries should have their Intelligence make similar platforms and provide them in English. In this way the power of control will be divided. As a consequence, the world will no longer depend only on American media to get the news. 

Having Serious Allies is the Best

What NATO has taught all of us is that their unionship is strong. They have shown us that they will stick up for each other. Mh! What was interesting is that the leaders were using the exact same speech of carefully chosen words to convince the whole world that Russia was responsible for the War. They were using words like “unprovoked”, “invasion, “brutal attack”, and so on. One can observe that there should have been a Memo that went out to all of the leaders, advising them on how to voice their ‘outrage’ against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. 

We also saw the NATO Media doing their part, using women and children (the vulnerable group) for the pity party. Anyone who has learned Psychology or Psychological Marketing would have picked it up immediately. But, unfortunately, the general public can never see these things. So, they will always engage emotionally. Do you know what’s interesting? It is the fact that women and children (the vulnerable group) are ignored and abused in a daily life situation. But when it’s time for politics, they’re the ones who must be ‘saved’ by the world. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to political sciences. 

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What NATO has shown us is that this is the type of friendship that you want in your life. A friendship in which everyone is on the same page, right or wrong, in the interest of their countries. But at the same time, surely, these countries know that America is their king in this NATO agreement. The power that America has over these countries is really impressive. And they cannot say anything else but to abide by what America wants. Now, that is power !

BRICS Is Not Strong Enough

What we have learned from this war is that BRICS could be, maybe, just BRIC or RIC. We also learned that Korea should officially join BRICS. Maybe making it BRICKS. Now, that would be powerful, don’t you agree?

Maybe Belarus, Eritrea, and Syria should join too. Why? Because These countries, (and Korea) publicly and bravely supported Russia in that UN Voting process. Of course, if you’re going to be this brave and have the balls to support someone whom almost everyone is hating on, then your loyalty is beyond this world. 

BRIC by NASAKennedy is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

On the other news…

It was surprising to see Brazil voting against Russia. Wow. Maybe a betrayal that was already expected? I wish I knew all the juicy details behind that move. China, India, and South Africa played it safe and abstained. We already learnt that the South African camp is divided when it comes to Russia. We learnt that the old camp of the former presidency is of high support to Russia; whereas, the new regime is hesitant. Again, I wish I knew the juicy details behind that story. When it comes to China, I read a few articles that explained its move. But mostly they alluded that China’s economy has some link to that of the US. Therefore, to preserve their economy, they must play nice towards the US.

I really need to do some research because I don’t know why India abstained. Maybe the same story as with China? Someone needs to update me on the BRICS situation ASAP. 

In any case, it is my proposal that going forward, Russia should recruit Korea into the BRICS situation. Countries, such as South Africa and Brazil should be given an opportunity or an offer to withdraw from BRICS if perhaps the relationship is really dead. 

Did Ukraine Always Know That They Would Not Make It Into NATO?

As I have stated earlier, all these leaders are not stupid. And they are all surrounded by the most intelligent people in our world. Hence some departments are called The Intelligence. 

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With that said, Ukraine could have known that there was a possibility that they would be rejected by NATO. Infact, they should have known for some years now. So, if they knew, did they then think that a war would change the rules of NATO? Or was it all an act? I don’t understand this part. 

I mean organisations such as NATO should have rigorous processes that need to be followed when recruiting a new member. What does Ukraine have to offer to the US by the way? Let’s see. According to the Ukraine Gov website, “Ukraine has extremely rich and complementary mineral resources in high concentrations and close proximity to each other. The country has abundant reserves of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, and mercury.” 

Oh okay. That’s very nice!

The good news for the US, Canada, UK, and others is that now Ukraine owes them a favour. Because now they have ‘helped’ Ukraine in the time of War. So, payback time is coming soon. Mhhhh.

Personal Opinion Regarding the Russia v US/Ukraine War

I understand that this is a political situation going on. Once everything is settled, and each country knows its position, these leaders will continue to have acquaintanceship with each other. It is useless for me, as an independent individual, to be emotionally invested in this war. What Is happening is a power struggle for resources, whether in land, minerals, or economy. Therefore, once all the lions are done with the fight, each will know who’s running things. And each lion will hold their position. 

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  • I personally love that Russia helped Black South Africans during Apartheid, and trained the Umkhonto Wesizwe. I cannot forget that. Therefore, I cannot invest negative emotions towards Russia.
  • I personally love that Canada helped Black slaves during the slavery days, and took them in and gave them true freedom. I cannot forget that. Therefore, I have a special love in my heart for Canada.
  • I personally love France, mostly for personal reasons. But I also love and am inspired by the leadership of President Macron. He has spun politics in a very positive way. I would say thanks to his age, thanks to his open-mindedness, and his vision of making France not just a holiday destination but a powerhouse. 
  • I personally love that the United States of America is strategically leading in the communications and media field. They have no competition thus far in this field. And truly truly bravo to the US for being strategic in this part.
  • I personally love South Africa, for obvious personal reasons. But even though the government is divided right now, and people are at their worst position economically, I mean Black people, I understand that it is the people who vote in the leaders. 
    • There are many things being said about President Ramaphosa, alluding to the idea that he does nothing for Black people. Like President Ramaphosa said in one of his statements, most of them have received ‘help’ from White organisations to be where they are. With that, he was highlighting that they have to, in my words, ‘pay back’ by putting forth the interest of those who helped them — or who invested in them.
    • With that for me, I support any sitting President in South Africa because it is a fair thing to do. 

Great respect and admiration to all leaders! Cheers.

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