No Eyebrows No Problem

We’ve recently had a global debate over Jada Pinkett-Smith and her journey with alopecia. Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss, either rapidly or gradually. We have also seen how such a medical condition can affect family dynamics. In her case, we witnessed her husband, Will Smith, protecting her when she was being publicly and/or globally humiliated by a man called Chris Rock. 

Women go through many body changes in their lifespan, and this revelation is obviously new to some people such as Chris Rock. 

Today I would like us to talk about the genetic condition of having ‘no eyebrows’. Many women, and as myself, were born without eyebrows on our faces. While in some instances the eyebrows can grow back, it usually happens much later in life, and with the help of certain treatments. 

Here is my Journey: I hope that those who suffer from this condition will know that they’re not alone.

I had lived with no eyebrows throughout my entire childhood — until in my mid 20s. My condition was visible because I also had extremely thin hair on all the other parts of my body — parts that do grow hair. But most people will obviously remember me having thin hair on my head, other than the eyebrows situation. 

This is how I dealt with the issue of thin hair on my head

I simply refused to (properly) comb my hair when I was a child. Not only was it painful to comb it, it also caused me to lose more of the hair. Then, I simply dyed it when I became a teen. Covered it in braids during my varsity years, and wigged it during my office years. Today, I have managed to grow it into a healthy state, but this article is definitely not about that. I have discussed the hair issue from a black-woman point of view before. Right now it is not a concern of a certain race. In fact, I know hundreds of black women who have healthy and thick hair on their bodies. Therefore, this article cannot be one of those articles about black women and their struggles, blah blah blah. This is my struggle, and many other women of all races. 

Tips on how I grew my eyebrows, from none to visibly thin (at least).

Mascara to the Rescue

When I was 16 years old, I met a teenager at a camping trip. We discussed many things including make-up. I used none at that time, and was not interested in using any make-up in my life. But, when the conversation got into the topic of eyebrows, she suggested that I should start using a mascara to ‘create’ and grow my eyebrows. She, of course, knew of someone who was struggling with growing her eyebrows too. Unfortunately, I did not use her advice right away, I did not feel any pressure to grow my eyebrows at that time. Anyway, my opinion changed in my early 20s when I met my first boyfriend at varsity. Like any girl in love, I wanted to look my best for him. On the other hand, I doubt that my ex-boyfriend even noticed that I had no eyebrows. So, I bought my first mascara, which was also my first makeup tool. Yay! And guess what, it did the magic. 

I am happy to say that it has given volume to my eyebrows, and continues to give life to my face. I have never discussed my eyebrow genetic condition with anyone, other than the girl that I met at camp. Today, in this article, I am discussing the issue for the second time ever in my life. 

Apply Olive Oil

Many people who suffer from the same condition of having no eyebrows have vowed by the use of oils to grow the hair. In my case, I thank the magnificent olive oil. I started taking a teaspoon of olive oil every single day, and applied a bit on my face too. It made a huge difference, but it was definitely not an overnight solution. In my case, it was a journey of a three year period or more. 

Talk to Your Doctor

I never took the hair thinness as a life-threatening condition, or let it bother me to a point of mental disturbance. In fact, I never saw a doctor about it. I knew I had the condition, and I knew that it was due to genetics because there were many ladies (and gents) in my family who did not have eyebrows. But if you find yourself being depressed over this condition, or if you find yourself having low self-esteem due to it, talk to your doctor immediately. Your doctor may give you more useful tips.

Above Everything Else, Be Comfortable in the Beauty that You’re In.

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