Punished Will Smith is Banned for Ten Years

A big fat 10 year-ban for Will Smith who publicly protected his black wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, against a man who was publicly humiliating her. It’s being reported that Will Smith is no longer allowed into any of the events led by the Academy such as the Oscars. It’s also clear that the ban against him will affect the careers of his family, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Trey smith, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of a class session here. What lessons are we getting today? The answer depends on you, the audience.

Let’s start with the less shocking lessons that we’re receiving from this situation

Lesson 1. They’re telling you that when your black wife is publicly humiliated, do nothing …because your paycheck and/or status is controlled by them.

Lesson 2. It has become a norm for the black woman to not be protected in our society. So, how dare you, Will Smith, do the opposite, and mess up with the programming?

Lesson 3. When it comes to some, the punishment will never equate the crime, mistake, sin, or the wrong. So, why not remind everyone about who’s in control here? Why not use Will Smith, the most liked guy in Hollywood, as an example. ‘They will learn’.

Now, the not so obvious lessons

Lesson 4. If they like you, your crimes, sins, or wrongs will go unnoticed. Or maybe your actions will be justified and promoted. But the condition is that the attack must be towards someone who everyone is trying to get rid off.

Mh! Do you remember when Cardi B attacked Nicki Minaj, the Queen of Rap, in 2018? The news of her unprovoked and brutal attack on Nicki Minaj circulated all over the globe instantly. But because she was a favourite then, and Nicki Minaj was the ‘bad guy‘, all we read and heard from the NEWS were justifications of Cardi B’ vile behaviour. 

No sanctions, no bans, no cries about ‘black on black violence’, no jailtime, no public announcements from celebrities condemning her behaviour ….nothing. 

Just laughter and praises about how ‘authentic‘ Cardi B was. 


Lesson 5. Will Smith has now a chance to build bigger and without distraction.

Will Smith should use this time of silence to build bigger and better. He must take the approach that Tyler Perry took when he was rejected by Hollywood Execs. Tyler had gone back to his corner and built a billion dollar empire. In Tyler Perry’s words, “when they don’t want you at their table, build your own.”

Lesson 6. Did you notice how everyone who complained about Will Smith’s REaction said nothing about the actual action? 

Chris Rock used Jada’ illness as his comedy piece, hurting Jada in the process — but hey, everyone is blind to that part. Has losing hair become a joke? Is this a new psychological thing that everyone is consuming nowadays? I guess they’ve been laughing at all the Cancer patients then. So terrible.

Anyway, the last point is very important because it may sound to be reducing every argument that I have written in the defence of the Smiths. However, I am writing this last point from a mere political point of view. Here it goes:

Lesson 7. Both Will Smith and Chris Rock are trained actors who have years of legendary acting experience. Ladies and gentlemen, we could be in the middle of a LIVE comedy show right now, and maybe we don’t even know it. Perhaps, the actors are just following The Script.

Take care and good luck to everyone ! 

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