Beyonce Honours the late Brenda Fassie with Break My Soul

Beyoncé, 1st Frame. Brenda fassie, 3 Frames

Beyonce has released a dancing jam, which all Americans should be dancing to this summer. But some Americans were shocked and “displeased” with Beyonce’s sound. 

While Americans were shocked at the new sound of Beyoncé, all South Africans were in awe with love. 

People started noticing that Break My Soul resembles a song of the late Queen of African Music, Brenda Fassie. Brenda Fassie’s song is called Ngiyak’saba, Listen HERE. Beyoncé’s song is called Break My Soul, listen HERE.

Can you imagine how big of a deal this is? The Queen of Music honouring the Queen of African Music. Wow, what a beautiful circle. And what a glorious honour.

Even the cover picture of this song is similar to that of Brenda Fassie’s cover for her hit song, Vulindlela, see HERE.

OH MY GOSH, It has been wonderful to see many South Africans taking the American Entertainment Industry by storm since this decade. And now, the influence of South Africa will linger for many centuries to come. That’s for sure.

I also think that Beyoncé and Drake have been asked by political leaders to make House Music songs. Why? Well, if we think about it, using South Africa as a perfect reference, dancing music has always been a go-to in times of depression and stress. Even with the most angering economic situations, South Africans still dance and vibe to good music as if they have no problems.

The world has noticed; and with the COVID and the WAR stresses, I would expect that politicians would use strategies to make people ‘forget’ about their problems… Or at least, to feel happy.

In any case, we thank Beyoncé, the Queen of Music for putting Brenda Fassie, the Queen of African Music, on the crown …even way after her transition to the other side. 


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