A writer who is in the business of healing people through writing. “I would like to heal people with my words. My slogan is: ‘writing to heal millions of people’.”

I have completed high studies and collected huge amounts of data over a 15-year period. Now, I am ready and fully equipped to help you with your research needs. 

With the help of my team: We provide academic research of all subjects — with the exception of non-human engineering fields. We also specialise in Human Sciences. We analyse human behaviour using astrological scientific methods. We analyse all types of qualitative and quantitative data and/or information using statistical methods.

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Mitta Xinindlu is a writer who specializes in nonfiction, fiction and children’s books. She has contributed over 100 inspirational quotes. Her body of work has been featured in popular publications; such as, Psychology Today Magazine, Parade Magazine, YourTango Magazine, MomJunction, and many more.

A versatile writer, author, and researcher who’s work also focuses on social justice and motivating people. She is curious, investigative and enjoys critical debates.

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Mitta Xinindlu

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