Beyonce Honours the late Brenda Fassie with Break My Soul

Beyonce has released a dancing jam, which all Americans should be dancing to this summer. But some Americans were shocked and “displeased” with Beyonce’s sound.  While Americans were shocked at the new sound of Beyoncé, all South Africans were in awe with love.  People started noticing that Break My Soul resembles a song of theContinue reading “Beyonce Honours the late Brenda Fassie with Break My Soul”

Viola Davis’ Legacy Being Erased

Oh! So, they’re inviting us to a ‘Viola Davis is Over party’? They want to convince us that all of a sudden Viola Davis is a bad actress? They want us to think that Viola Davis has questionable acting abilities?  Oops! Sorry, I’m not coming to that party. Viola Davis did a good job portraying myContinue reading “Viola Davis’ Legacy Being Erased”

Punished Will Smith is Banned for Ten Years

A big fat 10 year-ban for Will Smith who publicly protected his black wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, against a man who was publicly humiliating her. It’s being reported that Will Smith is no longer allowed into any of the events led by the Academy such as the Oscars. It’s also clear that the ban against himContinue reading “Punished Will Smith is Banned for Ten Years”

They Wanted Nicki Minaj Gone — Here’s Why

The Queen of Rap has solidified her throne over and over again. Like in the Series such as Vikings and Game of Thrones, her crown has been challenged brutally, and at times, it seemed to be without valid reasons. They wanted her gone. In fact, they’ve been wanting to dethrone Nicki Minaj since the yearContinue reading “They Wanted Nicki Minaj Gone — Here’s Why”

No Eyebrows No Problem

We’ve recently had a global debate over Jada Pinkett-Smith and her journey with alopecia. Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss, either rapidly or gradually. We have also seen how such a medical condition can affect family dynamics. In her case, we witnessed her husband, Will Smith, protecting her when she was being publiclyContinue reading “No Eyebrows No Problem”

Will Smith Defends Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith

Congratulations to Will Smith for winning an Oscar. Well deserved. Anyway, there is a popular saying or belief that the most disrespected person in America is a Black Woman. So, thank you, Will Smith for taking a stand for a Black Woman who is close to your heart. Now, this is not the first timeContinue reading “Will Smith Defends Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith”

Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This

The war between the United States/Ukraine and Russia has taught us many lessons about the science of politics. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sciences in which a political motivation can also be a personal vendetta.  But, like I always say, political leaders are doing the best that they can to protect the interestContinue reading “Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This”

Nicki Minaj, Do We Have A Problem ⁉️

Nicki Minaj: New Era is Loading… #DoWeHaveAProblem !? It looks like we have a big problem in the kingdom. I can’t believe how many people, even some Barbs, missed the point in this record with Lil Baby. DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM !? I’m livid 🥴 By the way, we already know that #Bussin willContinue reading “Nicki Minaj, Do We Have A Problem ⁉️”

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

1. If you make a mistake, pause. Continue with the activity at a later stage.2. It’s not a big deal if you wear your shoes on the wrong foot. Laugh at yourself and fix it when you’re ready.3. Drawing on the wall, or making some mess, is not a big deal.What matters is the intention behind the action. In many cases, theContinue reading “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Investigating the Wound of Michael Jackson

Wounding is a process that is caused by external forces, and of course by ourselves ….but always because of external forces. Some wounds are visible while some remain hidden. In this Investigation, we explore Michael Jackson’s wound, as per the vedic science. We uncover the deepest aspect of his life that made him uncomfortable. InContinue reading “Investigating the Wound of Michael Jackson”