Beyonce Honours the late Brenda Fassie with Break My Soul

Beyoncé, 1st Frame. Brenda fassie, 3 Frames

Beyonce has released a dancing jam, which all Americans should be dancing to this summer. But some Americans were shocked and “displeased” with Beyonce’s sound. 

While Americans were shocked at the new sound of Beyoncé, all South Africans were in awe with love. 

People started noticing that Break My Soul resembles a song of the late Queen of African Music, Brenda Fassie. Brenda Fassie’s song is called Ngiyak’saba, Listen HERE. Beyoncé’s song is called Break My Soul, listen HERE.

Can you imagine how big of a deal this is? The Queen of Music honouring the Queen of African Music. Wow, what a beautiful circle. And what a glorious honour.

Even the cover picture of this song is similar to that of Brenda Fassie’s cover for her hit song, Vulindlela, see HERE.

OH MY GOSH, It has been wonderful to see many South Africans taking the American Entertainment Industry by storm since this decade. And now, the influence of South Africa will linger for many centuries to come. That’s for sure.

I also think that Beyoncé and Drake have been asked by political leaders to make House Music songs. Why? Well, if we think about it, using South Africa as a perfect reference, dancing music has always been a go-to in times of depression and stress. Even with the most angering economic situations, South Africans still dance and vibe to good music as if they have no problems.

The world has noticed; and with the COVID and the WAR stresses, I would expect that politicians would use strategies to make people ‘forget’ about their problems… Or at least, to feel happy.

In any case, we thank Beyoncé, the Queen of Music for putting Brenda Fassie, the Queen of African Music, on the crown …even way after her transition to the other side. 

Viola Davis’ Legacy Being Erased

Oh! So, they’re inviting us to a ‘Viola Davis is Over party’? They want to convince us that all of a sudden Viola Davis is a bad actress? They want us to think that Viola Davis has questionable acting abilities? 

Oops! Sorry, I’m not coming to that party. Viola Davis did a good job portraying my favourite lawyer, the Honourable Michelle Obama. The internet is up in arms right at this moment, complaining about Viola Davis’ performance in the the HULU series, The First Lady.

Pfff! At this point, I am not surprised that she is getting so much ‘hate’ from “the critics”. This is not a new story. It’s a story we have seen several times before. 

We have seen it with Beyoncé. We’ve seen it with Serena Williams. We’ve seen it with Nicki Minaj. We’ve seen it with Naomi Campbell. We’ve seen it with Meghan Markle. We’ve seen it with Michelle Obama herself.

Basically, every black woman who is at the peak of her career gets slapped with 1 million times negative criticism …more than anyone in the history of her chosen field. They will nitpick her. Criticise every move that she does. Set unreachable expectations for her. Expect her to be not human. And once she shows an itsy-bitsy part of human nature, then she immediately gets cancelled. 

Today they’re telling us that Viola’s mistake was mimicking the facial expressions of the Honourable Michelle Obama. Which, apparently, erased all of Viola’s glory as one of the best actresses in the world. 

Apparently, highlighting subtle expressions that people do is now one of the worst things that an actress can do. 

But, let’s be real for a second… if this was done by someone else, I bet that it would have been titled ‘cute’.

It’s a shame that the world is yet choosing to ignore the actual message here.

The highlight of the series came from the words that Michelle Obama said regarding racism and injustice …even towards the Obama family during the time of their running for presidency. 

Michelle Obama, as we see through this series, has always been aware of social injustices, and was not afraid to raise her voice about such. This is something that she continues to do beyond her First Lady duties.

But no…. the world chooses to not focus on those important parts. They choose to focus on criticising and diminishing one of the best icons in the acting industry. The black woman, Viola Davis.

Punished Will Smith is Banned for Ten Years

A big fat 10 year-ban for Will Smith who publicly protected his black wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, against a man who was publicly humiliating her. It’s being reported that Will Smith is no longer allowed into any of the events led by the Academy such as the Oscars. It’s also clear that the ban against him will affect the careers of his family, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Trey smith, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of a class session here. What lessons are we getting today? The answer depends on you, the audience.

Let’s start with the less shocking lessons that we’re receiving from this situation

Lesson 1. They’re telling you that when your black wife is publicly humiliated, do nothing …because your paycheck and/or status is controlled by them.

Lesson 2. It has become a norm for the black woman to not be protected in our society. So, how dare you, Will Smith, do the opposite, and mess up with the programming?

Lesson 3. When it comes to some, the punishment will never equate the crime, mistake, sin, or the wrong. So, why not remind everyone about who’s in control here? Why not use Will Smith, the most liked guy in Hollywood, as an example. ‘They will learn’.

Now, the not so obvious lessons

Lesson 4. If they like you, your crimes, sins, or wrongs will go unnoticed. Or maybe your actions will be justified and promoted. But the condition is that the attack must be towards someone who everyone is trying to get rid off.

Mh! Do you remember when Cardi B attacked Nicki Minaj, the Queen of Rap, in 2018? The news of her unprovoked and brutal attack on Nicki Minaj circulated all over the globe instantly. But because she was a favourite then, and Nicki Minaj was the ‘bad guy‘, all we read and heard from the NEWS were justifications of Cardi B’ vile behaviour. 

No sanctions, no bans, no cries about ‘black on black violence’, no jailtime, no public announcements from celebrities condemning her behaviour ….nothing. 

Just laughter and praises about how ‘authentic‘ Cardi B was. 


Lesson 5. Will Smith has now a chance to build bigger and without distraction.

Will Smith should use this time of silence to build bigger and better. He must take the approach that Tyler Perry took when he was rejected by Hollywood Execs. Tyler had gone back to his corner and built a billion dollar empire. In Tyler Perry’s words, “when they don’t want you at their table, build your own.”

Lesson 6. Did you notice how everyone who complained about Will Smith’s REaction said nothing about the actual action? 

Chris Rock used Jada’ illness as his comedy piece, hurting Jada in the process — but hey, everyone is blind to that part. Has losing hair become a joke? Is this a new psychological thing that everyone is consuming nowadays? I guess they’ve been laughing at all the Cancer patients then. So terrible.

Anyway, the last point is very important because it may sound to be reducing every argument that I have written in the defence of the Smiths. However, I am writing this last point from a mere political point of view. Here it goes:

Lesson 7. Both Will Smith and Chris Rock are trained actors who have years of legendary acting experience. Ladies and gentlemen, we could be in the middle of a LIVE comedy show right now, and maybe we don’t even know it. Perhaps, the actors are just following The Script.

Take care and good luck to everyone ! 

They Wanted Nicki Minaj Gone — Here’s Why

Nicki Minaj once said, “Queens don’t always look polished.”

The Queen of Rap has solidified her throne over and over again. Like in the Series such as Vikings and Game of Thrones, her crown has been challenged brutally, and at times, it seemed to be without valid reasons. They wanted her gone. In fact, they’ve been wanting to dethrone Nicki Minaj since the year 2012.

Luckily, they’re not dealing with just a rapper, but with a social justice advocate. A fighter who advocates for what is right and what is due. In fact, she has single-handedly led and won victories which has assured and ensured the rights of artists. Today many of her opponents bask in the rays of her hard work. She’s successfully won battles over rights for artists against many of the rules that were placed by organisations such as Billboard. For example, artists in America are able to earn higher royalties, higher recognition levels, and according to what they truly deserve. It’s all thanks to the generous queen, Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Hate Train

In her victories, she has had to fight against the same people that she wanted to help. That is, her peers in the entertainment industry. Many of her peers publicly ridiculed, rejected, and humiliated her through all of her efforts. Even more so during the period of the Nicki Hate Train. We all remember how males such as T.I. minimised the Legacy of Nicki Minaj. For example, T.I. built a throne and divided it into 2 sides. He stated that one side belonged to the reigning champ, Nicki Minaj; a Legend who has been in the rap game for over 15 years now, with 4 successful Albums, and over 100 features. T.I then claimed that the second half on the throne belonged to Cardi B, who has only 1 album, and at the time had been in the industry for less than 2 years.

Now if that is not disrespect, I don’t know what it is.

The Nicki Hate Train had female faces. It was branded as a female battle, in which every female was going for the crown against Nicki Minaj. Of course, due to her talent, pen game, and articulation, Nicki won those battles. Nicki Minaj has come out as an undefeated winner even from the war that was supposedly created to crown Cardi B. Thar War — with Cardi B’s — did indeed see the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, lose lots of blood. She bled, she got bruised and wounded, but then like the strong Queen she is, she came out of that war alive and much stronger.

Many of those who deserted Nicki Minaj during the hate train are coming back to her again. Like the generous queen that she is, she is forgiving everyone left right and centre, and moving on to continue to fight for them, …or rather in her words, ‘take them TO FREEDOM‘.

Some of the people who have publicly humiliated or rejected Nicki Minaj include, and are not limited to:

  1. Remy Ma — Remy was one of the leaders or faces of the Nicki Minaj Hate Train. She went to the Wendy Williams Show and accused Nicki of being ‘the bad guy’ who was ‘stealing bags’ from other artists.
  2. Cardi B — Cardi is a queen to and/or of: Lil Kim, Halle Berry, and T.I. They are some of the very few people who have publicly announced Cardi as their queen. We all remember that Cardi B threw a shoe at The Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj …also it was at a high classed event. Some remember that attack and provocation as ‘ghetto‘. Apparently, Cardi B had attacked the Queen Nicki Minaj because hse claimed that Nicki was ‘the bad guy’.
  3. Lil Kim — Kim was the first opponent to Nicki Minaj. Her opposition was understood and respected in the game because she was the reigning queen when Nicki entered the game. In fact, Nicki challenged and won the rap crown against Lil Kim, taking her reign as the Queen of Rap. In simple words Nicki Minaj dethroned Lil Kim. Of course, Lil Kim was not going to be happy about that.
  4. Iggy Azalea — Iggy was signed under T.I. when she first came into the rap game. She, like many other girls, challenged Nicki’s throne and failed.
  5. Megan Thee Stallion — Nicki Minaj embraced Megan Stallion, doing a feature with her. But soon after, Megan was accused of shading Nicki Minaj.

The most interesting detail about these battles is that Nicki Minaj has worked and collaborated with all of her public opponents. Of course, some records were never released, perhaps due to the battles. But the generous Queen has shared her palace with these people, who in turn vomited on her expensive garments, and tormented her Legacy with nothing but malice.

Nicki Minaj, the Queen of Rap, is yet to receive her well-deserved Grammy’s. But that’s another War in which she found herself entangled because of being opinions and supposedly of being an assertive advocate of what is right and due.

Lessons from Nicki Minaj

We have seen many times in our lives that as soon as you make super progress, some people will be dissatisfied. Your progress or power will cause them much anguish. Consequently, they will want to turn you off, especially if you’re a woman. Even worse if you’re a black woman.

In this video, Nicki Minaj is showing us the leader that she really is. In a few words, she is teaching us how to stand up for ourselves, particularly in the most roughest times. She is telling us that at times, to get the work done, we need to swim in the dirt. She is saying that everything that is glittering and shiny reaches a point of pause when there are human rights at stake.

Today let’s choose to do the work, fight for our crown, and then after bask in the sun with our crown on our head.

No Eyebrows No Problem

We’ve recently had a global debate over Jada Pinkett-Smith and her journey with alopecia. Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss, either rapidly or gradually. We have also seen how such a medical condition can affect family dynamics. In her case, we witnessed her husband, Will Smith, protecting her when she was being publicly and/or globally humiliated by a man called Chris Rock. 

Women go through many body changes in their lifespan, and this revelation is obviously new to some people such as Chris Rock. 

Today I would like us to talk about the genetic condition of having ‘no eyebrows’. Many women, and as myself, were born without eyebrows on our faces. While in some instances the eyebrows can grow back, it usually happens much later in life, and with the help of certain treatments. 

Here is my Journey: I hope that those who suffer from this condition will know that they’re not alone.

I had lived with no eyebrows throughout my entire childhood — until in my mid 20s. My condition was visible because I also had extremely thin hair on all the other parts of my body — parts that do grow hair. But most people will obviously remember me having thin hair on my head, other than the eyebrows situation. 

This is how I dealt with the issue of thin hair on my head

I simply refused to (properly) comb my hair when I was a child. Not only was it painful to comb it, it also caused me to lose more of the hair. Then, I simply dyed it when I became a teen. Covered it in braids during my varsity years, and wigged it during my office years. Today, I have managed to grow it into a healthy state, but this article is definitely not about that. I have discussed the hair issue from a black-woman point of view before. Right now it is not a concern of a certain race. In fact, I know hundreds of black women who have healthy and thick hair on their bodies. Therefore, this article cannot be one of those articles about black women and their struggles, blah blah blah. This is my struggle, and many other women of all races. 

Tips on how I grew my eyebrows, from none to visibly thin (at least).

Mascara to the Rescue

When I was 16 years old, I met a teenager at a camping trip. We discussed many things including make-up. I used none at that time, and was not interested in using any make-up in my life. But, when the conversation got into the topic of eyebrows, she suggested that I should start using a mascara to ‘create’ and grow my eyebrows. She, of course, knew of someone who was struggling with growing her eyebrows too. Unfortunately, I did not use her advice right away, I did not feel any pressure to grow my eyebrows at that time. Anyway, my opinion changed in my early 20s when I met my first boyfriend at varsity. Like any girl in love, I wanted to look my best for him. On the other hand, I doubt that my ex-boyfriend even noticed that I had no eyebrows. So, I bought my first mascara, which was also my first makeup tool. Yay! And guess what, it did the magic. 

I am happy to say that it has given volume to my eyebrows, and continues to give life to my face. I have never discussed my eyebrow genetic condition with anyone, other than the girl that I met at camp. Today, in this article, I am discussing the issue for the second time ever in my life. 

Apply Olive Oil

Many people who suffer from the same condition of having no eyebrows have vowed by the use of oils to grow the hair. In my case, I thank the magnificent olive oil. I started taking a teaspoon of olive oil every single day, and applied a bit on my face too. It made a huge difference, but it was definitely not an overnight solution. In my case, it was a journey of a three year period or more. 

Talk to Your Doctor

I never took the hair thinness as a life-threatening condition, or let it bother me to a point of mental disturbance. In fact, I never saw a doctor about it. I knew I had the condition, and I knew that it was due to genetics because there were many ladies (and gents) in my family who did not have eyebrows. But if you find yourself being depressed over this condition, or if you find yourself having low self-esteem due to it, talk to your doctor immediately. Your doctor may give you more useful tips.

Above Everything Else, Be Comfortable in the Beauty that You’re In.

Will Smith Defends Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith

Congratulations to Will Smith for winning an Oscar. Well deserved. Anyway, there is a popular saying or belief that the most disrespected person in America is a Black Woman. So, thank you, Will Smith for taking a stand for a Black Woman who is close to your heart.

Now, this is not the first time I come in defence of Jada Pinkett-Smith. You can read my earlier opinion HERE.

Now, About The Elephant in the Room

It’s funny how recently the whole world wanted to cancel Dave Chappelle, the comedian, for making a joke about Transgendered people. Everyone forgot about his profession as a comedian at that time. His Netflix deal was threatened to be cancelled. The whole world was up in arms.


When Chris Rock, a comedian, makes a joke about Jada and/or a Black Woman’s illness, apparently now it’s okay to everyone. All of a sudden, we must accept all types of jokes now. We must accept that when a comedian makes a joke (about a Black Woman’s illness) “well, it’s just a joke, guys — you’re overreacting“.

Um, excuse me!

Didn’t they also want to cancel Kat Williams, a comedian, for making jokes about gays? So, let me get this straight, it’s okay to make jokes about an illness of a Black Woman …but it’s a crime to make a joke about everyone else? Please make it make sense to me.

Jada is also a human being with Human Rights: a right to be treated with dignity, a right to grieve her illness without it being a laughingstock, a right to be treated with respect as a woman and a mother, a right to freely live her life.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is not offending anyone. She didn’t choose to have alopecia. It is out of her control. Nothing funny about it (except if she makes a joke about it.)

Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This

The war between the United States/Ukraine and Russia has taught us many lessons about the science of politics. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sciences in which a political motivation can also be a personal vendetta. 

But, like I always say, political leaders are doing the best that they can to protect the interest of their countries, and themselves (where the spirit of greed has taken over). With that understanding, it is much easier to not be swayed by political ups-and-downs. In fact, all the political leaders have a beautiful understanding that they’re playing a game of politics. Meaning that they are using their best strategies to win. 

Yes, innocent people are always the casualties in these political games. And of course, there is a huge sacrifice which is usually Human Rights. Unfortunately, this is where the line of humanity is crossed.

But, this is political science. There are always sacrifices made in reaching important solutions such as gaining Freedom for the Majority. But the darker side of this science is that, in some cases: the human sacrifice, the blood shed, and the sacrifice of human rights is performed to gain power and resources. And not necessarily to help the masses. 

You know what’s ironic? The irony is that most politicians are good acquaintances in their personal lives. Yes, an opposition in the public eye but a good company behind the scenes. Why? Because it’s just how things are. 

Now, let’s get into the lessons that we have learned from the ongoing War.

Nothing is Done Overnight

All countries that are involved in this war, whether from an opposition point of view or that of an ally, have known about the possibility of this war, I’d say maybe for about 10 years now. Why? Because these are not stupid people. They’re in leadership positions because, in fact, they’re the most intelligent people in this world. To be in such a position, you have to master a few things, such as negotiation, manipulation, psychology, strategy, and networking. 

So, never ever undermine any politician. Even if they do not have Harvard degrees, their intellect is off the hook for sure.

Russia, France, United Emirates Arab, China, and others 

These countries, such as Russia and China, focus so much on their languages, and making their languages popular. It is good, but it is not placing them at a competitive level in the communication and media field. One thing that I appreciate about America is that they’re ruling the communications and media field. They have no competition. And because of this, they are able to turn any story in their favour with ease. They are in control of what the public knows. They are in control of who gets the ‘right’ communication, and at what time. 

Countries such as France and Russia are able to highly influence only their citizens. But, what is the use of trying to influence someone who is already under your control? What they need to do is to influence new minds, and gain the vote of confidence from others. It would be best to even influence the minds of their Opps, right? 

I read recently that Russia is now starting to create its own Instagram. Ref.

That’s great, Russia. But, if you’re going to deliver the platform in Russian (not in English), you will miss the opportunity of owning a piece of US’ media cake. You will not influence new minds. You will not change the narrative in your favour, and you will always be complaining about how unfair the Media is towards you. Now, you need to always remember that the US controls the Media. Do you expect the US Media to be nice towards you in times of War where the US is your Opp? Let’s be real.

France has only started catching up on using English, Bravo. Thanks to the absolutely amazing leader, President Macron. Macron is motivating the use of the English in his country because his young mind realises that to compete globally, you must be able to compete in a way that you’re influencing a global audience. 

Photo by Eugene Dorosh on Pexels.com

So, maybe the reader may ask why these countries should use English? Why should they validate the leadership of the UK? I have discussed this part in my earlier opinions. We must bear in mind that at this point in our lives, we have all evolved to the point that English has stopped being a sign of power. Yes, back in the day, the UK influenced the world by making everyone speak their language. They proved their power through the tongue. Great. 

But today the world is using the same channel of communication to influence the world back. 

Next time, when the US releases an Instagram, these countries should have their Intelligence make similar platforms and provide them in English. In this way the power of control will be divided. As a consequence, the world will no longer depend only on American media to get the news. 

Having Serious Allies is the Best

What NATO has taught all of us is that their unionship is strong. They have shown us that they will stick up for each other. Mh! What was interesting is that the leaders were using the exact same speech of carefully chosen words to convince the whole world that Russia was responsible for the War. They were using words like “unprovoked”, “invasion, “brutal attack”, and so on. One can observe that there should have been a Memo that went out to all of the leaders, advising them on how to voice their ‘outrage’ against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. 

We also saw the NATO Media doing their part, using women and children (the vulnerable group) for the pity party. Anyone who has learned Psychology or Psychological Marketing would have picked it up immediately. But, unfortunately, the general public can never see these things. So, they will always engage emotionally. Do you know what’s interesting? It is the fact that women and children (the vulnerable group) are ignored and abused in a daily life situation. But when it’s time for politics, they’re the ones who must be ‘saved’ by the world. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to political sciences. 

Photo by Seva Kruh on Pexels.com

What NATO has shown us is that this is the type of friendship that you want in your life. A friendship in which everyone is on the same page, right or wrong, in the interest of their countries. But at the same time, surely, these countries know that America is their king in this NATO agreement. The power that America has over these countries is really impressive. And they cannot say anything else but to abide by what America wants. Now, that is power !

BRICS Is Not Strong Enough

What we have learned from this war is that BRICS could be, maybe, just BRIC or RIC. We also learned that Korea should officially join BRICS. Maybe making it BRICKS. Now, that would be powerful, don’t you agree?

Maybe Belarus, Eritrea, and Syria should join too. Why? Because These countries, (and Korea) publicly and bravely supported Russia in that UN Voting process. Of course, if you’re going to be this brave and have the balls to support someone whom almost everyone is hating on, then your loyalty is beyond this world. 

BRIC by NASAKennedy is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

On the other news…

It was surprising to see Brazil voting against Russia. Wow. Maybe a betrayal that was already expected? I wish I knew all the juicy details behind that move. China, India, and South Africa played it safe and abstained. We already learnt that the South African camp is divided when it comes to Russia. We learnt that the old camp of the former presidency is of high support to Russia; whereas, the new regime is hesitant. Again, I wish I knew the juicy details behind that story. When it comes to China, I read a few articles that explained its move. But mostly they alluded that China’s economy has some link to that of the US. Therefore, to preserve their economy, they must play nice towards the US.

I really need to do some research because I don’t know why India abstained. Maybe the same story as with China? Someone needs to update me on the BRICS situation ASAP. 

In any case, it is my proposal that going forward, Russia should recruit Korea into the BRICS situation. Countries, such as South Africa and Brazil should be given an opportunity or an offer to withdraw from BRICS if perhaps the relationship is really dead. 

Did Ukraine Always Know That They Would Not Make It Into NATO?

As I have stated earlier, all these leaders are not stupid. And they are all surrounded by the most intelligent people in our world. Hence some departments are called The Intelligence. 

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

With that said, Ukraine could have known that there was a possibility that they would be rejected by NATO. Infact, they should have known for some years now. So, if they knew, did they then think that a war would change the rules of NATO? Or was it all an act? I don’t understand this part. 

I mean organisations such as NATO should have rigorous processes that need to be followed when recruiting a new member. What does Ukraine have to offer to the US by the way? Let’s see. According to the Ukraine Gov website, “Ukraine has extremely rich and complementary mineral resources in high concentrations and close proximity to each other. The country has abundant reserves of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, and mercury.” 

Oh okay. That’s very nice!

The good news for the US, Canada, UK, and others is that now Ukraine owes them a favour. Because now they have ‘helped’ Ukraine in the time of War. So, payback time is coming soon. Mhhhh.

Personal Opinion Regarding the Russia v US/Ukraine War

I understand that this is a political situation going on. Once everything is settled, and each country knows its position, these leaders will continue to have acquaintanceship with each other. It is useless for me, as an independent individual, to be emotionally invested in this war. What Is happening is a power struggle for resources, whether in land, minerals, or economy. Therefore, once all the lions are done with the fight, each will know who’s running things. And each lion will hold their position. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com
  • I personally love that Russia helped Black South Africans during Apartheid, and trained the Umkhonto Wesizwe. I cannot forget that. Therefore, I cannot invest negative emotions towards Russia.
  • I personally love that Canada helped Black slaves during the slavery days, and took them in and gave them true freedom. I cannot forget that. Therefore, I have a special love in my heart for Canada.
  • I personally love France, mostly for personal reasons. But I also love and am inspired by the leadership of President Macron. He has spun politics in a very positive way. I would say thanks to his age, thanks to his open-mindedness, and his vision of making France not just a holiday destination but a powerhouse. 
  • I personally love that the United States of America is strategically leading in the communications and media field. They have no competition thus far in this field. And truly truly bravo to the US for being strategic in this part.
  • I personally love South Africa, for obvious personal reasons. But even though the government is divided right now, and people are at their worst position economically, I mean Black people, I understand that it is the people who vote in the leaders. 
    • There are many things being said about President Ramaphosa, alluding to the idea that he does nothing for Black people. Like President Ramaphosa said in one of his statements, most of them have received ‘help’ from White organisations to be where they are. With that, he was highlighting that they have to, in my words, ‘pay back’ by putting forth the interest of those who helped them — or who invested in them.
    • With that for me, I support any sitting President in South Africa because it is a fair thing to do. 

Great respect and admiration to all leaders! Cheers.

Nicki Minaj, Do We Have A Problem ⁉️

The Queen of Rap

Nicki Minaj: New Era is Loading… #DoWeHaveAProblem !? It looks like we have a big problem in the kingdom.

I can’t believe how many people, even some Barbs, missed the point in this record with Lil Baby. DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM !? I’m livid 🥴

By the way, we already know that #Bussin will take the same direction as #DWHAP. We heard the snippet from the Video.

So, what is the point? What is the direction in this era?

Nicki is coming back sounding like “other rappers.” That’s what I’m hearing from most of these YouTube reactors. But what most people fail to see is that Queen Nicki Minaj created these sounds all the way back to her Mixtape days. These sounds are not new to NICKI. She is the creator of these rapping styles that most people hear on the radio today.

What Nicki is doing now is taking back her sounds, and putting her stamp on them. These new rappers have been using Nicki’s old style for some time now. They did so to sound brand-new. Well, “time tick-tocking, better stick to dancing” ! 

In conclusion, Barbs, both Do We Have A Problem and Bussin are easily top 3 records. 


Do We Have A Problem by Nicki minaj & Lil Baby

P.S. If you don’t know the Old Nicki, you will be easily blinded from seeing the Vision. Buy and stream Do We Have A Problem.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Photo by Cottonbro

1. If you make a mistake, pause. Continue with the activity at a later stage.
2. It’s not a big deal if you wear your shoes on the wrong foot. Laugh at yourself and fix it when you’re ready.
3. Drawing on the wall, or making some mess, is not a big deal.What matters is the intention behind the action. In many cases, the intention is pure.
4. Touching dirt, or playing on the ground, isn’t a death sentence. It’s experimental and fun.Touch a bit of soil sometimes.Have a garden.
5. Eating too much on a certain occasion will not contribute to your weight gain. Enjoy the deliciousness of the food without worrying about your kilos.
6. A little blunder, even if many, will not tarnish your image. Mistakes are part of life.
7. If someone refuses to give you something, holding a grudge is useless.
8. Falling is part of life. But you must get up regardless of whether there is someone thereto pick you up or not.
9. Scratches and light wounds should not stop you from enjoying life. When people or things hurt you, have some strength to continue living your life.
10. Expensive toys are nice to have. But the most fun can bethe simple and cheap ones. Make the best of experiences out of the minimum resources that you may have.

Lessons from Toddlers

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Investigating the Wound of Michael Jackson

Wounding is a process that is caused by external forces, and of course by ourselves ….but always because of external forces. Some wounds are visible while some remain hidden.

In this Investigation, we explore Michael Jackson’s wound, as per the vedic science. We uncover the deepest aspect of his life that made him uncomfortable. In this episode, we uncover his Wound. 

Let’s dive in.

Assumptions: The research assumes that Michael Jackson’s birth time is correct.
Disclaimer: Vedic scientists do not acknowledge the role of the asteroid Chiron in our lives, only the Western scientists do. However, in my research I have discovered that the vedic theoretical explanations of how the planets affect our lives have more weight. Therefore, in my approach I analyse all planets and asteroids using the theories from the vedic science.

Who Was Michael Jackson?

Michael was an Icon, a performer, an ultra talented individual, and a humanitarian.

” 10 Reasons Michael Jackson Became The King Of Pop” — The Grammy’s, 2017.

Such headlines have been accurately declaring Michael Jackson as The King of Pop. Rightfully so, due to his unmatched stage presence and delivery. He broke into the industry at a tender age and went on to rule it until his passing. 

Who Was Michael Jackson According to Science?

Michael was born as a different individual. By different we mean in an outstanding way. Why? Simply because he is an Aquarius rising. Aquarius people are known as inventors, humanitarians, and the nonfollwers. Yet, Aquarius rising people do also get judged as “too different”, “strange”, or “weird”. 

In deed we saw these labels being adorned on Michael many a times. He was even judged for wearing a mask, which everyone on earth is now wearing.

” During his life Jackson also saw a huge amount of criticism for wearing masks and his bizarre behaviour off stage.” — Express, 2020

” The weird ways of Wacko Jacko” The Sydney Herald Morning, 2009

” Il était surnommé «Wacko Jacko» (Jacko le barjo). Michael Jackson a toujours eu un côté mystérieux. De son vivant déjà, il attisait la curiosité de par son aspect physique «différent», à cause de ses multiples interventions de chirurgie esthétique, mais aussi du fait de la vie qu’il menait à Neverland, avec son parc d’attraction et ses habitudes faisant de lui un éternel enfant.” Paris Match, 2010.

One could find such stories, and headlines in almost all languages. Sure, Michael Jackson was praised for his talent, but he was also ridiculed as a human being. Perhaps a case of a curse and a blessing.

But of course, we can see why he received these labels. The planets aligned for him to be born in an Ascendant that is associated with weirdness, so to speak. 

His Wound

The science considers the asteroid Chiron as a significator of the pain that we experience on this earth. This ‘wound’, as scientists present it, is evident as soon as childhood, with some, and as early as in infancy for the rest.

Michael Jackson’s Chiron at birth was placed in the 12th House. 

The 12th House is associated with everything that is hidden. Hidden enemies, secrets, bed pleasures, bad pleasures, cheating, isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, vivid dreams and nightmares, abuse, ‘hearing voices’, being spiritually gifted, seeing things that others can’t see. All of these are the results of this House. The good and the bad of “loneliness”.

It also represents the places that can give such experiences; such as, hospitals, prisons, living in foreign places away from one’s loved ones, cemeteries, shelters, and so on.

Wounding in Secret

Scientifically we can see that Michael Jackson was wounding in secret. In many cases, he himself could have not even known his wound. Because this is what this House does, it can also hide things from the Subject Matter. 

Surely, he had secret enemies that were harming him in secrecy.  He could have had some “visions” which he may not have told anyone about. 

We also know that, from his testimony through journalists, Michael Jackson was abused. 

” Michael Jackson’s abusive childhood – whipped with a strap, beaten and isolated” — Mirror, 2019

“With Jackson we have, uniquely, witnessed an entire life of abuse played out in front of our eyes, in which the once-adorable little boy, whose father notoriously physically abused him,…” — The Guardian, 2019

We have also seen plenty of se*ual abuse allegations regarding Michael Jackson. Why? Because as stated above, the 12th House represents bed and bad pleasures.

Usually se*ual abuse takes place in secret. This House is all about secrecy. What is also possible could be that he himself endured se*ual abuse, which of course would remain hidden from the public due to the nature of this House.

The Cause: Who or What Influenced Michael Jackson’s Wound?

The science shows us that the 12th House of all these hidden things, including Michael’s hidden pain, is influenced by two planets. That is Venus and Saturn.

The planets represent people as the scientists have discovered. They can also represent things, topics, places, body parts, and so on.

Then, if we have to start with the WHO, we get to identify the people who caused Michael pain in his life. Of course, we also know that he could have not been aware of these people as his enemies …due to the secrecy theme of the House.

Venus in vedic science represent women in general. It also represents a wife for a man. Venus also represents make-up artists, fashion designers, milk men, basically any person who works in professions relating to beauty, comfort, luxury, and pleasure.

Vedic scientists discovered that Saturn represents people of authority. Bosses in organisations, elders in communities, the Generals of our world.

 These are the two groups of people that caused harm to Michael Jackson as per the science. It is even worse because his Chiron, the Wound, was placed in a House owned by Saturn. Meaning that not only did the people of Saturn did whatever to him, they also had full control of the environment of his Wound.


Now if it could have not been people hurting him, we need to know what could have been the subject of his pain. 


Venus is pleasure as per scientists declared. All sensualities are of venus. Now, influencing the 12th House would indicate that Michael indulged in secret but pleasurable things. We also see that because of the energies of Saturn, these pleasures would have be highly controlled.

Saturn represents hard work, limitations, endurance, and practicality. In this House, it would indicate that Michael could have been drowning in hard work, drowning himself, or drowning because of other people. 
Isolation is also another theme that is represented by Saturn. Depression too.
We can also detect that even though he was always surrounded by people, he could have been feeling highly isolated and lonely. Or perhaps he himself preferred to isolate himself. 

Regardless of these, we can see that he was forever feeling isolated. 


Basically, what the Vedic Science has revealed is what we have been reading as allegations throughout Michael’s career. In deed vedic science often reveals to us what will happen, what is happening, and what has happened in our lives. It also tells us who will do it, where it will be done, and how it will be done. It does so in a tremendous way that other forms of human studies have failed to reveal.

Disclaimer: this Investigation is completed for research purposes only. The aim is to test the science against True Life Events.Images from Twitter.
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