Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This

The war between the United States/Ukraine and Russia has taught us many lessons about the science of politics. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sciences in which a political motivation can also be a personal vendetta.  But, like I always say, political leaders are doing the best that they can to protect the interestContinue reading “Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This”

2022: Happy New Year

“May you prosper in everything that you do.” Year 2021: A recap.  Here are some of the incredible testimonies that I observed last year about my work. You know, I thanked God at the beginning of today; at the beginning of this year, 2022. And now, my thanks is due to everyone who supports myContinue reading “2022: Happy New Year”

The Table is Set; All Enemies are Invited

Today we’re going to touch on a certain verse from The Bible. I must warn that the topic may be triggering to some. So, with that said, ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you please read with a light heart. Lets begin. I personally have a love-hate-mixed view about the Holy Book, The Bible. My dislikeContinue reading “The Table is Set; All Enemies are Invited”

Energy: Masculine v Feminine

This is a serious topic which has a potential for being misunderstood. Moreso because the analysis includes an unpopular scientific field, of which many people do not approve. To avoid any possible confusion, I must also define the terms that we will be using. That is: feminine energy and masculine energy. Masculine energy in terms ofContinue reading “Energy: Masculine v Feminine”

Kamala Harris In Paris

#ParisPeaceForum2021The speech that Kamala Harris delivered at the Paris Peace Forum reminded some of us why she was one of the best candidates for the US Presidency. She spoke of the things that we care about the most. She spoke about the duty that all leaders have towards our society. And how they should beContinue reading “Kamala Harris In Paris”

Facebook changed to Meta

This was a shocking move from Mark Zuckerberg. Definitely unbelievable …even if it was well expected. Today we’re going to mix our analysis, looking at different perspectives. We’re going to use microscopes from various Schools of Thought. And because the analysis will include a perspective that may be a bit strange to some readers, IContinue reading “Facebook changed to Meta”

Google Fined €2.42 Billion : Judgment

Let’s start with this quoted paragraph from the Court’s press release. It gives the legal context to the case. “The General Court upholds the fine of €2.42 billion imposed on GoogleBy decision of 27 June 2017, the Commission found that Google had abused its dominant positionon the market for online general search services in 13Continue reading “Google Fined €2.42 Billion : Judgment”

The Anti-Woman Book

… The Dangers of the Bible Introduction The Bible, aka King James Bible, aka The New Revised Standard Version, aka the Holy Book, aka so many other names, is a book that many religious people enjoy reading. It is the most popular book of all time. It is New York’s number 1 best seller book.Continue reading “The Anti-Woman Book”

Masked Up

The pandemic has revived this world’s reality …and some of its conspiracies. However, we also know that some truths can be concealed as conspiracies — and conspiracy theories as truths. For example, some people have been convinced that our lives would be somehow shortened if we continued wearing masks in public places. Now, when itContinue reading “Masked Up”

Hillsong Church Under Fire

Have you read about the ongoing s*xual abuse cases against the leaders of the Hillsong Church? What’s your take on those? Carl Hertz who led the New York branch is being accused of se*ual harrassment, while other leaders are being accused of r*pe. Currently, Brian Houston is allegedly being questioned for concealing his father’s pedoContinue reading “Hillsong Church Under Fire”