Adele | One Night Only: Album 30 Reaction

Adele’s listening party was everything. She gave what she needed to give. She did the things that needed to be done. First of all, let’s all give it up for Adele for being consistent. Not only as a musician but also as a brand. She has effortlessly managed to maintain her brand over the years,Continue reading “Adele | One Night Only: Album 30 Reaction”

The Kardashians versus Black Culture

The Kadarshians Versus Black Culture Disclaimer: this is one of those articles that require that I ask the reader to read with a light heart. This is in no way trying to misrepresent anyone. In fact, the purpose of this text is to prove that we can find positive benefits from others. That we need othersContinue reading “The Kardashians versus Black Culture”

Jada Pinkett-Smith: Double Standards

It saddens me to see how Jada Pinkett-Smith is being vilified for having had a relationship with August Alsina, while she was ‘separated’ from her husband, Will Smith. A relationship which all parties have confirmed that it was well known to Will Smith. By the way, Will has recently mentioned that Jada was not theContinue reading “Jada Pinkett-Smith: Double Standards”

Is Serena bleaching or is it just a lighter make-up? Lets talk about it!

Serena Williams is a multiple winner of the highest tennis game awards in the world. She is undeniably the Queen of Tennis. She is the Queen of Fashion in Tennis. She is an empire owner and a mother. Again as always, this article is written for teaching and entertainment purposes only. Please read with ease.Continue reading “Is Serena bleaching or is it just a lighter make-up? Lets talk about it!”

Repost: Nicki Minaj Hate Train

Have you ever been in a toxic working environment? How did that feel? How did you cope? I wrote this article to reflect on this subject. I chose to use a popular example that we all know. But the lessons could apply on anyone. I initially wrote this article in 2020. I wanted to reflectContinue reading “Repost: Nicki Minaj Hate Train”

Reaction: Black is King Album by Beyoncé

Beyoncé wrote a letter to Africa. I’m writing my own letter to the Africans who had negative things to say about Beyoncé’s project. I’m not writing this as just a fan. I’m writing this letter from a place of disappointment. Besides,  I’m also a human being whose heart bleeds when there’s injustice towards others. Disclaimer:Continue reading “Reaction: Black is King Album by Beyoncé”

Repost: Beyoncé …The Strategist

I first wrote this article in January 2020. This is not just a fan reporting but a business graduate’s perspective. Beyoncé’s moves in the entertainment industry have not been stagnant, and have not been limited on being just a singer. She has proven over and over again that she is an overachiever …in most aspectsContinue reading “Repost: Beyoncé …The Strategist”

Repost: Prince Harry and Meghan Win Again

Can we talk about the most beautiful couple of our time; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? The haters must just give up their misery and have several seats at this point. We can all learn from this companionship. The lesson is for everyone, fans and haters. The first lesson is that no one can destroyContinue reading “Repost: Prince Harry and Meghan Win Again”

Reaction: Khaled Khaled Album

I am reacting to the new album called ‘Khaled Khaled‘ by DJ Khaled. I am also highlighting the great parts about the DJ, which we could learn from …and use in our lives. One thing that you’ll never take away from DJ Khaled is his ability to connect people, and to connect with them. MakingContinue reading “Reaction: Khaled Khaled Album”