“Nowadays when you go to a bookstore, you also find other interesting things that could give you comfort when or after reading a book. Here, I give you books and ‘words-on-items‘ to comfort you in reading your journey.”

— Mitta Xinindlu


Love but also think collection: €10.99 – €18.98

Deserve to be loved Collection: €18:98 – €38.24

Mom Collection: €11.73- €14.99

Smile. Be thankful Collection: €13.98 – €35.20

I Left You A Path Collection: €11.73 – €14.98

Introvert Collection: €9.99 – €36.02

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"I am excited to present you my latest book: Lessons from Toddlers. This is a special project that is meant to make us remember the lessons that we're always learning from our little gifts, our toddlers. I created this book as a working notebook. For each point, you will be able to write your ideas, memories, or wishes relating to your little angel. I know that you will have a smile on your face while working on this. Surely, you will enjoy reminiscing about your beautiful children, and all their special moments. 

Parenthood is a lesson on its own. But the best lessons in parenthood are from our children. Let's cherish them, appreciate them, and recognise their special roles in our lives. Let's love our children purely. Let's protect their innocence, and develop them into being individuals who are self-assured. 

Our children are the extension of ourselves. If you didn't have the best upbringing, you now have a chance to make the life of your child better. And in that, you will also be healing your younger self." 

Title: Lessons From Toddlers
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: €13.78

A marketing guide in building your marketing strategy.

Title: The Marketing Template
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: €5.60

Business analysis is often overlooked by investors. Some of them lose many profitable opportunities due to lack of insight. They also lose lots of money. This mistake doesn’t have to be the case anymore. This book explains why.

Title: Ideal Business Practices
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: $3.54

This book explores and reports the identified labour issues and possible remedies. It can be used in the private or public sector. It also acts as a benchmark to the South African labour market.

Title: South African Labour Issues
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: €4.79

A book written to encourage and guide children and teenagers.

Title: To Daughters
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: $4.99

The first poetry collection.

Title: Poems You Love
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: $11.49

Poems in Xhosa

Title: Ndiyalezela Ekhaya
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: €1.99

Sweet tales from growing up in a Xhosa tribe.

Title: Xhosa Tales for Coffee Table
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: $5.58

A tiny dictionary for infants. It is written in English, French and Xhosa.

Title: Home and Surroundings
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: €4.95

A selection of inspiratonal quotes.

Title: Many Quotes
Author: Mitta Xinindlu
Price: $8.46


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" May you find favour
with both men and women.
That when they see you,
they wish to protect you,
from war, harm, malice, and jealousy!

- an extract from a poem by Mitta Xinindlu.
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