Moorish Gecko (Fiction)

Moorish Gecko

Storyline: This is a story about a man who, like a gecko, changed his personality and behaviour depending upon his environment, and the people from whom he wanted to benefit.

I am happy to have a platform from which you can read all of them free of charge. Starting with this one. #MOORISHGECKO.

Disclaimer: Due to the sensitivity of today’s world, I must remind the reader that this is all fiction.

>>CLICK<< on the alternative Gallery pictures to read each Episode.

READ HERE: Episode 1: The Tail of the Tales.
READ HERE. Episode 2: Same Life, Different Chances.

READ HERE Episode 3: The Spirit of Leaching

READ HERE Episode 4: Gecko Crawls on Kristel
READ HERE Episode 5: He Liked Her Drinking
READ HERE Episode 6: Memories to Ashes

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