Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This

The war between the United States/Ukraine and Russia has taught us many lessons about the science of politics. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sciences in which a political motivation can also be a personal vendetta.  But, like I always say, political leaders are doing the best that they can to protect the interestContinue reading “Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Others Should Do This”

Macron: a Global-minded Leader

Disclaimer: I’ve been meaning to write this piece for some time now. And every time, I decided not to …lacking words that would make it read less political. However, one of Président Macron’s tweet on 8 October 2021 finally pushed me into laying my words on paper. I’m not a political analyst. These views are basedContinue reading “Macron: a Global-minded Leader”