Halls of Ivy: Beyoncé Finally Found Her Niche

It is so exciting to see that Beyoncé has finally found her niche in her Adidas x Ivy collaboration. The past releases did not represent much of her as a brand. They didn’t represent her well-put appearance. We all know Queen B as a well-put, organised, well-coordinated Icon, right? Being ‘messy’ is rarely associated withContinue reading “Halls of Ivy: Beyoncé Finally Found Her Niche”

Adele | One Night Only: Album 30 Reaction

Adele’s listening party was everything. She gave what she needed to give. She did the things that needed to be done. First of all, let’s all give it up for Adele for being consistent. Not only as a musician but also as a brand. She has effortlessly managed to maintain her brand over the years,Continue reading “Adele | One Night Only: Album 30 Reaction”

Facebook changed to Meta

This was a shocking move from Mark Zuckerberg. Definitely unbelievable …even if it was well expected. Today we’re going to mix our analysis, looking at different perspectives. We’re going to use microscopes from various Schools of Thought. And because the analysis will include a perspective that may be a bit strange to some readers, IContinue reading “Facebook changed to Meta”