Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 2)

Same Life, Different Chances His mind was the key aspect to his life. Not because of his mental illness, but because of how it used him, and led him towards a negative path. Some people are controlled by their minds. While some are controlled by their emotions. It’s normal. And for him, the controller wasContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 2)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 1)

Disclaimer:this is 100% fiction. This is a story about GECKO WHITE. A man who lived in deceit. One who changed his colours to disguise himself with his environment …when and if it was beneficial to him. In his world, they said that he was ‘adaptive’, or ‘easy going’. whereas, in fact, he was just manipulative.Continue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 1)”