Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Today we’re investigating Bobbie Kristina’s expiration. Bobbie was a daughter of the globally recognised musicians and icons, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown.  Disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer nor an occult scientist. I’m a researcher and a writer. I strictly employ academic research methods for these investigations: mixing qualitative and quantitative analyses.  I compiled the data,Continue reading “Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death”

Investigating the Death of a Mother

Uncovering True Life Events through Unorthodox Sciences. Investigating the Death of a MotherThe mother who left behind six children, the youngest being only 2 years old was a community darling. She was both respected and admired in her community. She was spiritually gifted. But it was her humility that drew many people towards her.  Unfortunately,Continue reading “Investigating the Death of a Mother”