Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 4)

Gecko Crawls on Kristel Gecko was an intelligent man. A man who was capable of making everyone feel as if they owned him. He had the intensity of making all of them think that they were the only one in his life. Whomever he was with at any given moment would feel as if theyContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 4)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 3)

The Spirit of Leaching For a man who was well travelled, as Gecko was, he remained extremely narrow-minded. One time a psychologist had told him that there was a difference between being fixed on one’s beliefs and being narrow-minded. She’d explained that being fixed on one’s beliefs qualifies one to follow his path without beingContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 3)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 1)

Disclaimer:this is 100% fiction. This is a story about GECKO WHITE. A man who lived in deceit. One who changed his colours to disguise himself with his environment …when and if it was beneficial to him. In his world, they said that he was ‘adaptive’, or ‘easy going’. whereas, in fact, he was just manipulative.Continue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 1)”