Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Today we’re investigating Bobbie Kristina’s expiration. Bobbie was a daughter of the globally recognised musicians and icons, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown.  Disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer nor an occult scientist. I’m a researcher and a writer. I strictly employ academic research methods for these investigations: mixing qualitative and quantitative analyses.  I compiled the data,Continue reading “Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death”

Investigating the Death of a Mother

Uncovering True Life Events through Unorthodox Sciences. Investigating the Death of a MotherThe mother who left behind six children, the youngest being only 2 years old was a community darling. She was both respected and admired in her community. She was spiritually gifted. But it was her humility that drew many people towards her.  Unfortunately,Continue reading “Investigating the Death of a Mother”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 7)

Sheep and Wolves Gecko had sure broken up with Kristel. No doubt. Nonetheless, he continued to call her when he needed to be serviced. He’d also given her his car. An old car that he no longer wanted nor which he had parking space for. Maybe also as a ‘hold’ on her. Something that couldContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 7)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 6)

Memories into Ashes “Gecko, what do you like to talk about?”. The whispered question came from Kristel’s curiousity after they’d shared some physical action together. She was sitting on the edge of the bed while he took the rest of the space …as if it was his own bed. He hesitated to give her anContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 6)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 5)

He Liked Her Drinking Gecko had met Kristel at the bar, where she worked. She was intriguing to him from the first second that he laid his eyes on her. She looked fulfilled and whole. She spoke with everyone nonchalantly. She got the full attention of almost everyone. If the drinks were the reason thatContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 5)”

Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 4)

Gecko Crawls on Kristel Gecko was an intelligent man. A man who was capable of making everyone feel as if they owned him. He had the intensity of making all of them think that they were the only one in his life. Whomever he was with at any given moment would feel as if theyContinue reading “Moorish Gecko (Fiction – Episode 4)”