This page is a world that’s inspired by my child who is half French and half Xhosa; half White and half Black. I believe in living in diversity. And through my lifestyle of mixing with others, I wish to create this page as a dictionary, cultural reference, and/or a comparison of the two worlds that have created my baby. I am also creating a mini digital museum of the two worlds. Enjoy this journey through the mixed worlds of my loveytjie.

This is the very first of such a platform. It’s a privilege to start such a movement.


Molo. Unjani?

Bonjour. Ça va?


Igama lam ngu Mitta. Ifani yam ngu Xinindlu.

Je m’appelle* Mitta. Mon nom est Xinindlu.

*Note that the direct translation would be: Mon prenom est Mitta.


Ndisuka e Mzantsi Afrika. Ndihlala emazweni.

Je vien de Afrique du Sud. J’habite dans les contrées lointaines*.

*Not the exact translation. But as in all languages, some meanings to words cannot be translated.

Good bye

Nisale* kakuhle.

Au Voir.

*Place ‘ni’ at the beginning of the word if speaking to two or more people. If speaking to one person, the word is: Usale

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